"I'm always amazed at how I find myself applying what I've learned in leadership class to all my other courses. The theories keep coming up even in other areas of life!"  ~ Elise Sjogren (Class of 2011)

The leadership studies minor (18 credits) is required for President’s Leadership Program (PLP) students and is governed by the Department of Leadership and American Studies. It's an attractive curriculum for other interested students as well. This minor is interdisciplinary and highly complementary to any liberal arts and sciences major or professional education.

Sample course offerings:

LDSP 210 - Self, Group and Leadership (required for all PLP students)
This interactive course introduces students to the role of self and group in the leadership process. Through academic study, personal assessment, in-class activities and assignments, students will gain an understanding of how personal development impacts leadership capabilities, the importance of self-understanding to effective leadership, and the relationship between self-identity and group process. In addition to self-study, students will study group development, group think, and the effect of power and communication styles in group dynamics.

LDSP 310 - Leadership Theory and Research
This course examines salient theories, approaches and the accumulated research-based understanding of the theoretical construct of leadership. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of leadership theory and contribution of research to the synthesis of historical leadership perspectives in contemporary leadership models. Enduring elements, ongoing controversies, emerging trends and contemporary research are examined. The role of leadership is distinguished from that of management.

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