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University Policies

General University Policies

Policy Management
Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual, Misconduct and Retaliation
Alcohol Policy
Tailgating Policy
Records Management and Retention
Substantive Change Policy
Campus Violence Prevention Policy
University Emergency Response Policy

Finance and Business Policies

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Contracting Policy
Electronic Payment (including Credit Cards)
Debt Management Policy
Cell Phone Allowances
Red Flag Identify Theft Identification and Prevention Program
University Related Foundations
Debt Service Reserve Policy
Asset Policies
Dual Enrollment Program - Mandatory Fee Waiver
Catering Policies

Advancement/Fundraising Policies

Student Lighthouse Fund Award Policy
Faculty and Staff Lighthouse Fund Award Policy

Human Resources Policies

Student Employment Policy
Alternate Work Schedule Policy
Work Place Violence Policy
Student Employment Wage Scales
Substance Abuse Policy
Criminal History Background Check Policy
AP Faculty Performance Planning and Evaluation Policy
Cash Match Program
Marital Status of Employees(Nepotism)
Employee Tuition Waiver Policy
Tuition Reimbursement Policy
Employee Separation Clearance Policy
Overtime Policy

Information Technology Policies

Student Use of Computing and Communications Systems
Acceptable Use of Computing Resources
Data Transport Policy
Email and Portal Accounts
IT Services Policies and Standards

Facilities Policies

Scheduling and Facilities Use Policy
Building Access
University's Presidential Residence

Student Services Policies

Emotional Support Animal Policy
Suicide Prevention Policy
Parental Notification Mental Health
Student Military Activation
Hazing Policy
Unclaimed Property Policy
Immunization Policy
Priority Registration for Active Duty Military Members
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