Explore more about the Public History Center (PHC) here at CNU and the amazing partnerships and work being done in our area.

Christopher Newport's Public History Center was named as Outstanding Volunteer of the Year for York County, Virginia on April 21, 2016. The PHC partnered with York County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism as well as the Hermione Project 2015, an international nonprofit organization that reconstructed Lafayette’s 18th century French frigate. The Hermione set sail from Rochefort, France to Yorktown in June 2015 to commemorate French support of the American Revolution. 

Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall (PHC's Director and Associate Professor of History) and Dr. Thomas Hall (PHC's Associate Director and Associate Professor of Economics and Finance) served on the executive planning committee for the Hermione’s first port of call at Yorktown, with meetings beginning in January, 2015. The PHC recruited and organized more than two dozen Christopher Newport volunteers to help at the three-day event. They distributed tickets and ushered over 8,000 visitors aboard the ship. In total, the PHC provided over 430 service hours for this event. In addition, two Public History Center Fellows created historical display panels about the Hermione; 20,000 members of the public (national and international) visited over the weekend and thousands read their panels. The PHC also conducted 1,650 surveys to access the economic impact on the ship's visit to Yorktown. 

The PHC thanks York County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism for providing such a great opportunity for our students to engage with the public in such a meaningful way. In addition, we would like to recognize the following Christopher Newport volunteers who provided their time and energy (most while on summer break or returning alumni) to this once-in-a-lifetime international public history event:

  • Dyllan Cecil, PHC Fellow
  • Jan Clarke
  • Olivia Cochran
  • Arthur Edwards
  • Second Lieutenant Samuel Edwards, Class of 2015
  • Michaela Felter
  • Emily Forbes, PHC Fellow
  • Kevin Gotschalk
  • Kenneth Hawkins, Computer Science Adjunct
  • John Hyland, Associate Professor of History
  • Adrienne Jones
  • Melissa Jones
  • Rachel King
  • Emily LaBrie, Class of '12
  • Donna Matzeder
  • Lisa Matzeder, '15
  • David Merrifield
  • David Le Moal
  • Kristen Morris
  • Elizabeth Narney
  • Rolande Phillips, History Adjunct
  • Amanda Roland, ' 15
  • Patricia Siewe Seuchie , Lecturer of French
  • Second Lieutenant Jacob Tertychny, '15