We are seeking support for the following areas:


  • Assistance to student interns: Internships at private sector employers generally pay minimum wage or better. Many PHC interns work at nonprofit agencies that generally do not have extensive resources for students, We would like to raise money from third parties so that student workers can be compensated for transportation costs and minimum levels of compensation.
  • Support of the PHC Fellows: Several students per year are granted the title of PHC Fellow. These students go above and beyond the typical volunteer, and we would like to raise funds to compensate them in part for a lot of the work they do for us.
  • Operational support: Our center is very efficient, with an extremely low operating budget for the amount of work we accomplish. Nevertheless, secretarial support and materials (generally less than $5,000 per year) need financing.
  • Matching funds: Several of the grants we are seeking require matching funds. When a grant application is green-lighted, we will put out a call to attract such resources. Our programs generally involve creation of state-of-the-art public history exhibits at local museums, management consulting for public history agencies, and economic impact studies. Thank you for considering helping us to meet our match goals!

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Giving via personal check:

Make check payable to:
CNU EF: Public History Center

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Public History Center
Christopher Newport University
1 Avenue of the Arts
Newport News, Virginia 23602-3072

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Make A Gift Today!

We would like to thank the following organizations that have supported PHC's activities or research, worked with us to obtain funding (through e.g., joint grant applications), or provided unique opportunities for the PHC and our students:

National Endowment for the Arts Hampton History Museum
Fort Monroe The Mariners Museum and Park
York County