Intramural Sport Forfeit Fee

  • Fee is fully refundable at the conclusion of regular season only if a team does not forfeit out of their league
  • Teams are allowed one default, however a $5 penalty fee will be assessed.
  • If a team advances to post-season play, their fee will only be refundable at its conclusion.
  • Teams may pick-up their fee any day prior to the Pick-up Dates; however, you aren't guaranteed that someone will be in the office!!
  • All Fees must be picked up by the last Pick-up Date listed.
  • A team's forfeit fee WILL NOT roll over to the following intramural season. All teams must pick up their fee in the Office of Recreational Services (CNURec) - Freeman Center (near Aux Gym). 

Spring 2014 - Pick-up Dates:

  • Monday, April 21st from 1- 5 pm
  • Tuesday, April 22nd from 1-5 pm
  • If you need to schedule a different time to pick-up on the dates listed above, please email


  • The person who paid the fee must pick it up and show their CNU ID (if they do not have the receipt), OR another person may ONLY with the original receipt. 
  • Should a team want to use their fee for the next intramural season - they still need to pick up their fee and save it on their own. 
  • Intramural Tournaments require entry fees and are non-refundable.  Be sure to know what you're paying prior to signing up.  
  •  See the Intramural Program Manual (Section 3.4) for further details.