Interested in becoming employed by CNURec? 

Steps to getting hired are easy!

**Note: If you are unable to attend Clinic #1, please contact the Program Assistant for that sport.  You may be able to take the rules test in advance.  Unfortunately, individuals who do not attend Clinic #1 or take the sport test are not guaranteed employment for that particular sport.  

Are you a returning official?  

Make sure you...

  • Fill out an availability form to take to trainings. 
  • Attend the Officials Trainings for the sport(s) you want to officiate. 
  • Review the pay dates, so you know when you'll be paid!  (Note: officials timesheets are submitted by the Director, supervisors and PA's do their own timesheets) 

Intramural Officials 

  • No previous experience is needed! 
  • We will train you before you step on the court or field. 
  • Visit the "Getting Hired" tab if you'd like to become employed. 
  • View the Officials Job description for further details. 

Interested in being an official? Come to the official's trainings for the sport that you're interested in!

Program Assistants (PA's)

  • All PA's begin working as officials, then become supervisors,  to advance to this position.
  • They work behind the scenes to set-up the intramural program.
  • CPR & First Aid certified
  • Some duties consist of: scheduling games, hiring and scheduling officials, and corresponding with team captains.
  • PA Job Description


  • All supervisors begin working as intramural officials.
  • They are the on-site management team for intramural sports.
  • CPR & First Aid certified. 
  • Provide support to intramural officials and participants.
  • Supervisor Job Description 


Erin Coiley, Student Director
                    Program Assistant - Dodgeball, Tournaments
                    Supervisor - Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball

Office Hours: MW 12-3 PM


Morgan Botkin, Program Assistant - Basketball
                         Supervisor - Dodgeball, Soccer, Softball

Office Hours: MR 1-3 PM


Catherine Buchanan, Program Assistant - Soccer
                                  Supervisor - Sand Volleyball, Softball

Office Hours: T 10-12 PM, R 11-1 PM


Jamal Christian, Program Assistant - Sand Volleyball
                           Supervisor - Dodgeball, Soccer, Volleyball

Office Hours: R 10-11 AM


Marie Connole, Supervisor - Dodgeball, Softball


David Croghan, Supervisor - Basketball, Flag Football


Sarah Golusky, Program Assistant/Supervisor - Volleyball

Office Hours: F 12-2 PM


Nick Greco, Program Assistant - Flag Football
                   Supervisor - Soccer

Office Hours: MW 3-5 PM


Ryan Stutzman, Program Assistant - Softball
                          Supervisor - Soccer

Office Hours: T 12-1:30 PM, F 1-2 PM

Supervisors In-Training (SITs)

Not Pictured: Sean Dean, Supervisor In-Training - Soccer


Taylor Maddox, Supervisor In-Training - Volleyball


Tyler Quigley, Supervisor In-Training - Dodgeball, Flag Football, Softball


Taylor Tijerina, Supervisor In-Training - Volleyball


Shomari Wright, Supervisor In-Training - Basketball, Dodgeball

Employment Documents (all documents open in new window)

  • Availability form - Fill out and give to PA for the sport(s) you're interested in.  
  • Employment App - Fill out if you're a NEW employee or an employee with a pay rate increase.  
  • Position Interest Form - Current staff must fill out if applying for a different position (i.e. supervisor or program assistant)
Annually, CNURec gives out a Student Development and Student Leadership Award.  
Below are previous year winners.  Will you be the next one to earn an award?  

Student Development Award

Given to the employee who has made great strides in personal development and leadership efforts.

They take that extra step to lead by example and help out co-workers.  

2005 - 2006: Jane West & Jacob Carpenter 

2006 - 2007: Cullen O'Neil

2007 - 2008: Stephanie Hull & Alyson Powers

2008 - 2009: Jane West

2009 - 2010: Shane Clary 

2010 - 2011: Matthew Ware

2011 - 2012: Anton Bowman

2012 - 2013: Sarah Thomas

2013 - 2014: Jamal Christian

Student Leadership Award 

Given to the employee who has significantly contributed to the department by exemplifying student leadership and peer development.  Additionally, this person goes above and beyond to adhere to and share the policies and procedures of the program.  

2005 - 2006: Roberto Ramos

2006 - 2007: Colin McCarthy 

2007 - 2008: Jane West

2008 - 2009: Jacob Carpenter 

2009 - 2010: Alyson Powers

2010 - 2011: Emily Baumgardner

2011 - 2012: Shane Clary

2012 - 2013: Anton Bowman

2013 - 2014: Morgan Botkin


Award Winners     studentleaders