Who attends Club Council?

  • All competitive clubs are required to have one representative at the meeting.
  • Recreational Clubs do not have to attend, but are welcome if they one day want to become competitive.
  • Recreational Clubs must turn in a monthly report form.  Visit the Officer Resources page for the most up-to-date copy. 

What is Club Council? 

  • Your club tells what's been going on with your group (ex. competitions, fundraisers, etc.).
  • Monthly Report Forms and Post Event Forms (if applicable) are due.
  • Leadership training and other activities. 

When is Club Council?

  • Generally the first Monday of the month at 8:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.  
  • Dates Fall 2013: October 7th (September Club Info Due) and November 4th (October Club Info Due)
  • Other Deadlines: September 16th - MUST turn in all updated forms, email Joy with questions; December 2nd - Final Monthly Report form noting November information is due. 

Where is Club Council?

  • Freeman, President's Reception Room  

Why Attend?

  • Club Council is MANDATORY for all competitive clubs to attend, so they're in the know about NEW or revised policies.

List as of August 2013

Club Name Email Address Club Websites**
Boxing boxing@cnu.edu

Boxing Website

Crew  crewclub@cnu.edu

Crew Website

Dressage   dressage@cnu.edu

Dressage Website

Equestrian eqteam@cnu.edu

Equestrian Website

Field Hockey clubfh@cnu.edu

Field Hockey Website

Fit Club fitclub@cnu.edu

Fit Club Website 

Gymnastics gymnastics@cnu.edu

Gymnastics Website

Ice Hockey (Men's) hockey@cnu.edu

Hockey Website

Lacrosse (Men's)   lacrosse@cnu.edu

Lacrosse Website

Lacrosse (Women's) wlaxclub@cnu.edu

WLax Website

Martial Arts cnumac@cnu.edu


Quidditch quidditchatcnu@gmail.com

Captains of Crucio Website

Rugby (Men's)   rugby@cnu.edu

Rugby Website

Soccer (Men's)   cnufutbol@cnu.edu


Soccer (Women's) wsoccerclub@cnu.edu

Women's Soccer Website

Swimming   swimming@cnu.edu


Tennis tennis@cnu.edu


Volleyball (Men's) mensvolley@cnu.edu

Men's Volleyball Website

Volleyball (Women's) womensvolley@cnu.edu

Women's Volleyball Website

**Note: Most club websites link to domains outside of the CNU network and the University is not responsible for the content displayed therein. 



List as of August 2013

Club Name Email Address Club Websites**
Cycling clubcycling@cnu.edu

Cycling Club 

Fishing fishing@cnu.edu

Fishing Website

Hiking hiking@cnu.edu

Hiking Website

Rockclimbing cnurockclimbingclub@gmail.com

Rockclimbing Club

Running runclub@cnu.edu

Running Club

Scuba scuba@cnu.edu


Table Tennis



Ultimate Frisbee frisbee@cnu.edu

 Frisbee Website

**Note: Most club websites link to domains outside of the CNU network and the University is not responsible for the content displayed therein. **

Starting a Sport Club: What you should know…

  • CNURec will only accept applications for sport clubs between September 1 - September 15 (if dates fall on a weekend/holiday then the next business day applies). 
  • We may alternatively form an intramural tournament or leagues (if applicable) prior to starting any club to see how much of a response the sport receives. OR the group will be placed under the Outdoor Clubs (more recreational in nature) if more appropriate. (Note: No Clubs will be formed that currently are offered as an intramural sport and do not fill leagues.  This first must happen before a club is formed.)
  • Several factors play into not being able to house a sport club as requested (e.g. budget constraints, limited facilities, etc.)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Will CNU benefit significantly from the existence of my sport club? 
  • Will my sport club exist after I graduate? 
  • Are there currently intramural tournaments or leagues (if applicable) offered that I can participate in…instead of forming an entire club? 
  • Are there sufficient university resources (practice space, funding, potential participants, etc) to support my club’s activities?

New Club Resources

The following list of clubs currently have an "inactive" status.  

  • Bowling
  • Croquet
  • Triathlon

Why are these clubs inactive?  There are many possible reasons...

  • They have not been active for a number of years
  • Lack of leadership 
  • Lack of interest 

If you're possibly interested in reactivating one of the clubs listed above, you must complete the required paperwork under the "Forming Clubs" tab between the registration period of Sept 1 - Sept 15.  You MUST have a minimum of 10 people interested in your club, and maintain 10 members to remain active!.