Undergraduate research fosters independent learning and complements coursework in meaningful, self-enriching ways.

It is an academic inquiry conducted by an undergraduate student which employs discipline-specific methodologies and results in a product notable for its originality, rigor, and / or creativity.  Suitable products include essays, reports, experiments, artworks, or performances.  Research  opportunities are available in all fields of study, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, and fine arts.

Undergraduate research benefits...

  • you - Undergraduate researchers benefit from close mentoring relationships with faculty members and gain valuable skills that will help them in the classroom. Presentations at Paideia and publications in Cupola impress graduate schools and employers alike!
  • your campus  - The focus on undergraduate research is one of the things that makes CNU unique.  As an undergraduate researcher, you'll be contributing to a vibrant interdisciplinary conversation that influences peers as well as professors.
  • your world - Research at every level has practical ramifications for the way we view human actions and the world in which those actions occur.  Undergraduate research encourages fellow Captains to understand, analyze, and act positively in the world beyond the Great Lawn.

Undergraduate research at CNU is…