Papers published in Cupola represent the best research presented at the Paideia Conference.

In support of its mission, Christopher Newport University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Research Council (UGRC) honors and promotes up to four outstanding student research papers with a $500 cash award and publication in CNU’s online student journal, The Cupola.  Awards are made possible with the generous support of the Douglas K. Gordon Endowed Undergraduate and Graduate Research Fund.

To be eligible for an award and publication, students – undergraduate and graduate – must submit a final written version of their paper (in English) following the submission guidelines stated below. Papers presented at Paideia are especially encouraged.  

Entries will be assessed by the UGRC in accordance with the following questions:

  • Integration of Research.  Does the paper discuss previous relevant studies and locate its argument within the body of that material?  Are the citations and bibliography thorough, accurate, up-to-date, and discipline-appropriate?
  • Originality/Creativity.  What does the paper contribute to the topic under consideration?  Does the paper present a unique approach to or interpretation of its material?
  • Rhetorical Qualities/Style.  Does the paper have a clear and coherent structure that relates all of its ideas together in support of the thesis, and is the writing clear, effective, correct (according to the norms of standard American English), and appropriate to an academic setting?
  • Advancement of Liberal Learning.  How well does the paper articulate one (or more) of the following qualities: evaluation/interpretation of information; effective communication; creativity/imagination; an understanding of the historical and/or philosophical traditions that have shaped the world; the interrelations within and among global and cross-cultural communities; the means of modeling the natural, social, and technical worlds; depth of knowledge; and/or intellectual honesty.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must include:

  • Final draft of paper with cover sheet containing the following information:
    1. Paper title;
    2. Author’s name (and names of collaborators, if any);
    3. Author’s e-mail address and phone number;
    4. Faculty sponsor’s name;
    5. Faculty sponsor’s department, e-mail address, and phone number;
    6. Abstract;
  • One paragraph personal biography placed at the end of the paper
  • Other requirements:
    1. Font: Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced;
    2. Margins: 1 inch (top, bottom, left, and right);
    3. Numbered pages (bottom, center); 
    4. Citations as appropriate to the discipline (e.g. footnotes or endnotes, references, etc.)
  • Submissions must be made in MSWord format; do not send pdf documents.


$500 awards are generously supported by the Office for Undergraduate Research at Christopher Newport University and the Douglas K. Gordon Endowed Undergraduate and Graduate Research Fund.


Please direct questions to Dr. Margarita Marinova ( or Dr. Laura Grace Godwin (