Welcome to the College of Social Sciences!

The College of Social Sciences at Christopher Newport University is dedicated to better understanding the phenomena of human enterprise and social interaction and organization. Students in the social sciences study in one or more of a range of disciplines, including business, economics, sociology, government, military science, communication, social work, American studies, leadership, and anthropology. In essence, we study the how and why of what people do (or should do)!

The College of Social Sciences faculty is comprised of excellent teachers and active scholars. The enthusiasm for mentoring undergraduate students can be seen in the courses faculty teach as well as their individual research initiatives. Faculty members are passionate about student success and are committed to making a positive difference in the lives and potential of our students.

Students in the CSS are also exposed to a wide range of guest scholars and leaders through the many events sponsored by departments at the University. They also have hands-on experiences through the Center for Economic Education, Small Business Institute, Center for American Studies, Wason Center for Public Policy, and the Center for Community Engagement, and a variety of academic internships and mentoring programs.

Our educational efforts are guided by the model of liberal learning, where knowledge is used in the service of human freedom and advancement. Our students learn to question assumptions and find innovative ways to examine problems and develop specific, discipline-related knowledge as well as writing and critical thinking skills.

It is a delight to welcome you to explore the offerings of the CNU College of Social Sciences. 


Dr. Robert Colvin, Dean of the College of Social Sciences