The Office of Sponsored Programs is here to help with every step in the proposal/award life cycle. 

We provide:

  • RFP Interpretation
  • Preparation Assistance for Program Officer Contact

  • Budget Development

  • Proposal Summary Form for Institutional Approval-required

  • Proposal Reviews
    • Editorial

    • Formatting
    • Suggestions Regarding Resources or Strengthening a Proposal

    • Sponsor Guideline Compliance

  • Submission

  • Notification of Grant Award and Request Banner Account and Access to Review Financial Status

  • Don't  hesitate to ask...we'll try to help in every way!

This guide is prepared with a focus on the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health in Compliance with the Office of Management and Budget guidance.  Other agencies such as the United States Department of Education, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and others have agency specific guidance.  The Office of Sponsored Programs is prepared to assist with proposals to all agencies and foundations. 

NSF Mission

NIH Mission

Elements of a Proposal

**** When working with OSP, please remember to use a tight version control naming convention and to always save word documents as .docx****.

NIH Instructions  -  NIH Biosketch Sample

NSF Biosketch Instructions  Sample NSF Biosketch


*Please bear in mind that generally purchases must be made through institutional processes such as eVA, which seek out minority-SWAM- vendors, not necessarily the best priced vendors.  Consideration should be given to this during the budgeting process.



Glossary of Research Administration Terms

COS Pivot for Funding Search

External Evaluators

RCR Resources:

Sponsor Resources

NIH Award Samples Look up Awards of the type that you seek providing abstract, relevance, amount, contact information and results

NIH Successful Applications by type

NIH Sample Applications and Summary Statements

AREA Proposals:

Functional Analysis of the Ascidian MyoD-Family Gene

Sample non-modular budget justification

REU Proposals:

Boise State REU


Virginia Tech REU

William & Mary REU

Wellesley REU

Seton Hall REU

NIH R21 Applications and Summary Statements

 Travel Resources: