The Office of Student Activities supports more than 225 student clubs and organizations and provides resources, leadership training and special event planning for all students. 

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And don't forget! The Student Organization Resource Center is located in the Student Union and is available to recognized student organizations to use for promoting and organizing events. Services available include:

  • Copier *
  • Two computers with printer
  • Large rolls of banner paper
  • Ellison die-cut machine w/stencils (including Greek letters)
  • Sticker maker
  • Fax machine *
  • Laminator **
  • Paper cutter
  • Button Machine

Note: Once your organization is recognized by the Office of Student Activities, it is eligible to request a e-mail address. Please contact Christine Bata to initiate the creation of the account. Once the account is created, Mrs. Bata will contact you with CNU Connect login information for the specified account. The account provided can be logged into through CNU Connect. To avoid interruptions in service, you must log in to the Connect page and change the current password every 39 days or it will expire. If you forward that e-mail account to your personal account, the club account will appear to be inactive and it will be disabled. Do not hesitate to contact OSA with any questions on the proper use of a club e-mail account.

* In order to use the copier or fax machine, organizations must obtain an account number from the Student Activities Office Manager.
** Students must provide their own lamination supplies.

Office of Student Activities Student Organization Offices and Storage Space

The assignment of Student Organization Office Space for 2014-2015 has been completed. HERE is a map of the student organization office spaces for 2014-2015.  Limited storage space for official club materials/supplies is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In support of our recognized student organizations (RSOs), the Office of Student Activities (OSA) provides office space and storage space to a limited number of organizations. There are 25 organization offices, storage spaces, and resource areas within the OSA.  We are currently able to accommodate 32 student organizations with office space.  Most offices are shared by two (2) organizations.  The storage space available is also limited and is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more about office/storage space within the OSA, stop by the office (DSU 330), give us a call (757/594-7260), or email us at

Office space allocation is based on, but not limted to:

  • History of the organization and its relationship with the University;
  • Involvement of the organization in campus life;
  • The number of students who are actively involved in the organization and/or are impacted by the organization;
  • Past office history;
  • Whether other office space/storage is available to the organization elsewhere (on/off-campus);
  • The fiscal responsibility of the organization
  • Whether office space is essential to carrying out the mission or purpose of the organization
  • Review of how office space has been used (or will be used for new requests).

2014-2015 Timeline for Office Allocation Aspects

  • 4/30/14     Materials removed from offices if not retaining an office for 2014-2015
  • 8/11/14     Access to office space for 2014-2015
  • 12/19/14  Mid-year reallocation of organization offices (if/as needed)
  • 2/16/15     2015-2016 Student Organization Office/Storage Space Applications AVAILABLE
  • 3/20/15     2015-2016 Student Organization Office/Storage Space Applicatoins DUE
  • 4/1/15       Office space allocation decisions determined
  • 4/30/15     Materials removed from offices if not retaining an office for 2015-2016
Got an idea for a new student club or organization? Before making that idea a reality, take a few minutes and consider the following:
  • Is there a current recognized CNU organization that shares a similar mission or goal? Can your organization work together with the existing student organization?
  • Are there adequate university resources (space, funding, potential participants, etc) to support the group’s activities?
  • Have you made the effort to determine if any existing programs offering similar services?
  • Are there significant safety risks associated with activities your organization will sponsor?
  • Will CNU benefit significantly from the existence of your organization?
  • Is your organization sustainable? Will it exist after you graduate?
  • Would your organization be considered a Sports or Recreational Club? Contact Joy Kearney (

After considering all these questions you know more than ever that creating a new student organization is what you want to do, then download the Checklist for Starting a New Organization (pdf) and get started on getting recognized! Don't forget: we are here to help you if you have any questions about the process.

Completed request for recognition packets are accepted on a rolling basis. To request recognition, you'll need to:

  • Meet with a member of the OSA Staff to talk about your organization - email to schedule a meeting
  • Attend a New Student Organization Orientation (see Request for Recognition form below to sign-up)
  • Complete the Request for Recognition form
  • Email the following to
  • Bring the signed advisor contract (Every recognized student organization is required to have a faculty / staff advisor.) to OSA office (DSU 330)
    Make sure your advisor receives and reviews the Student Organization Advisor handbook (Currently under revision, please contact the OSA office.)
  • Present to the Student Assembly Commission

Your request for recognition packet must be complete in order to be considered. All items do not have to be turned in together. You have thirty days from the deadline to complete requirements for recognition. Failure to complete the requirements during that time will result in removal from the recognition process. You may reapply the following semester.

As a CNU student you have the unique opportunity to become involved with a social, academic, recreation, or Greek organization on campus. Your involvement in campus activities provides you with an opportunity to learn leadership skills, make social connections, foster personal growth and most importantly, have fun!

One of the purposes of the Office of Student Activities is to help your organization meet its goals. And part of that responsibility is to make you aware of University policy and provide support for your organization. The following publications have been created for the purpose of assisting student organization leaders with the guidelines, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities of the University.

  • Student Organization Handbook (Currently under revision, please contact the OSA office.)
  • Travel Policy
    Traveling on behalf of your organization and University may be a requirement of your position in your organization. We will do everything we can to help you have a meaningful and safe trip.
  • Movie / TV Copyright Policy
    Showing of any movies or television programs at CNU must abide by all current copyright laws and the guidelines presented in this document.
  • Bonfire & Campfire Policy
    Guidelines and procedures for proper location and notification for bonfires or campfires on the campus.
All files above are PDF and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Promoting your events or marketing your organization for recruitment can be a lot of work!  Knowing the proper procedures can make things a lot easier!!

  • Advertise your event in a Table Tent
    Table tents are displayed in The Commons, Regattas and Einstein's Café
  • Campus Video Screen (plasma) Announcement Request
    Only recognized student organizations may advertise on the campus video screens. Requests must be received no later than seven business days prior to start of announcement.
  • Campus Wide Email Request
    Clubs and/or organizations requesting an announcement must be an officially recognized club or organization by the Office of Student Life.
  • Student Union Banner Policy (PDF) - Student Organization Handbook, page 23
    To hang a banner, organizations request space through the Scheduling Office. Space is reserved on a first come, first served basis. Once approved, the organization will bring the banner to the Scheduling Office for hanging.  Requests for banner hanging must be submitted no later than two (2) working days before desired date of posting.
  • Organizational Mailings Policy (PDF)
    Guidelines and regulations to assist all recognized student organizations with mail distribution to their membership.
All PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Record keeping and money management are big part of running a successful club or organization. And don't forget...we are here to help you if you have questions, concerns or just need some help getting your money matters organized.

The Office of Student Activities and the Student Activities Fee Appropriation Committee takes the responsibility of managing student money very seriously. It is our obligation to ensure that student activity fee money is spent responsibly and within the policies of the University and the state and federal laws.

General Conference Fund Small Grant Fund
  • Small Grant Allocation Meetings are (currently) held on Mondays 3-4pm in the DSU-Madison room.
    • Applications turned in to the Office of Student Activities (DSU 330) by 9pm on Thursday will be heard on the following Monday (if time slots available)
    • When turning in the small grant application packet, you will sign up for a presentation time
    • Monday, April 14th - LAST Small Grant Allocation Meeting for Spring 2014
  • Small grant fund info (PDF)
    The Small Grant Fund is available to organizations that will make a significant contribution to the campus community as well as to the individual organization.
  • Small Grant Fund Application (MS Excel)
Front End Budget (FEB) Funding
  • Front End Budget (FEB) Fund Information (PDF)
    A small number of student organizations will be considered for Front End Budget (FEB) status. FEBs are groups whose contributions to the university extend beyond any specific issue/interest and are deemed to have a significant impact on the campus community generally and the student community specifically.
  • Front End Budget (FEB) Status Information (PDF)
    Any group receiving operational monies must apply for Front End Budget status by completing the FEB Status Petition Form (docx) (PDF).
  • Front End Budget Request Form (MS Excel)
    Annually, each FEB organization will submit a FEB Budget Request Form, for the following year, to the Student Assembly Appropriations Committee for review.  The submission due date for FEB Budget Request forms will be established by the Student Assembly Appropriations Committee and will usually fall the week following spring break.
  • FEB Overview and Impact Statement (PDF)
    This form will help guide your strategic planning for the upcoming academic year and will direct your funding request and budget presentation
  • Current Front End Budget Organizations:
    • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
    • Captain's Log
    • Class Councils
    • Multicultural Student Association
    • Student Assembly
    • Student Honor Council


  • Travel Information -  CNU policy / procedure
  • Travel Policy
    Traveling on behalf of your organization and University may be a requirement of your position in your organization. We will do everything we can to help you have a meaningful and safe trip.
  • Travel Request (PDF)
  • Travel Waiver (PDF)
    Statement of responsibility and assumption of risk for student organizations and conference travelers
  • Travel Reimbursement (MS Excel)
All PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.