RSO Announcements and Upcoming Dates

It may be summer, but the Office of Student Activities is here year round for your Registered Student Organization (RSO)! The summer is a great time to plan for the new school year, and we're here to help! Email us or call us for support Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Update your Contact Info with Us!

Have you transitioned officers and need to update your info on file with OSA? Do it today! OSA's made it easier than ever - you can now update your contact information from the comfort of your couch by logging in to The Compass with your CNU ID and completing your Student Organization Registration.

The Compass

By now, you have heard about The Compass, CNU's new student organization management platform and involvement resource. The Compass is an outstanding way for student organizations to market events, recruit new members, organize and store important club files and documents, and communicate. If you have not yet logged in using your CNU ID number and password, do it today! The Compass will be the first and easiest way for the incoming Class of 2018 to learn about your organization.

Compass FAQ

The Compass

Club Fair 2014

Club Fair is on August 24, 2014 from 3 - 5 p.m. in the Freeman Center Fieldhouse! Registration is open now! Please note that your organization's registration WILL NOT BE APPROVED until you have registered on The Compass.

Club Fair Participant Guidelines:

  • Each group is allowed a MAXIMUM of 5 people per table at a given time.
  • Each group is provided one, 6' rectangular table with two chairs.
  • If you are bringing large items to display (i.e.; a boat, cornhole boards, giveaways, etc.), they must be contained to your table and area around it. Items must not block doors, isles or other tables.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate requests for power; however we can not guarantee power for every participant.
  • Glitter, Confetti and Balloons are not permitted in any area of the Freeman Center. Groups with these items will be asked to take them down and/or remove them from the facility.
  • Unwrapped or "buffet style" food is not permitted. Food should be limited to individually wrapped candy or snacks.
  • At the end of Club Fair, each group must clean up the area around your table and place all trash in an appropriate receptacle.

Got Questions? Contact the Office of Student Activities at

Club Fair FAQ (Coming Soon)
Roster of Participating Organizations (Coming Soon)

Recognized Student Organization Resources

The Office of Student Activities supports more than 225 student clubs and organizations and provides resources, leadership training and event planning support for all students. Our Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) have access to a host of resources to help you grow, lead and leave a legacy. 

Student Organization Resource Center

The Student Organization Resource Center is located in OSA on the 3rd floor of the Student Union and is available to RSOs to use for promoting and organizing events. Services available include:

  • Copier *
  • Two computers with printer
  • Large rolls of banner paper
  • Ellison die-cut machine w/stencils (including Greek letters)
  • Sticker maker
  • Fax machine *
  • Laminator **
  • Paper cutter
  • Button Machine

* In order to use the copier or fax machine, organizations must obtain an account number from the Student Activities Office Manager.
** Students must provide their own lamination supplies.

Request a Email Address

Once your organization is recognized by the Office of Student Activities, it is eligible to request a e-mail address. Please contact Christine Bata to initiate the creation of the account. Once the account is created, Mrs. Bata will contact you with CNU Connect login information for the specified account. The account provided can be logged into through CNU Connect. To avoid interruptions in service, you must log in to the Connect page and change the current password every 39 days or it will expire. If you forward that e-mail account to your personal account, the club account will appear to be inactive and it will be disabled. Do not hesitate to contact OSA with any questions on the proper use of a club e-mail account.

Reserve Space on Campus

RSOs are eligible to reserve space on campus for events, meetings, and event promotion. Up to two people per organization can access the Virtual Event Management System (VEMS). To request access, the organization president must email with the names of the two students you wish to have access. Then, please visit the VEMS website to create an account. Please note that referable spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. RSO events are not permitted on the Great Lawn.

Student Organization Offices and Storage Space

The assignment of Student Organization Office Space for 2014-2015 has been completed. HERE is a map of the student organization office spaces for 2014-2015.  Limited storage space for official club materials/supplies is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In support of our recognized student organizations (RSOs), the Office of Student Activities (OSA) provides office space and storage space to a limited number of organizations. There are 25 organization offices, storage spaces, and resource areas within the OSA.  We are currently able to accommodate 32 student organizations with office space.  Most offices are shared by two (2) organizations.  The storage space available is also limited and is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more about office/storage space within the OSA, stop by the office (DSU 330), give us a call (757/594-7260), or email us at

Starting an Organization at CNU

CNU is a place where we start new things all the time. Our Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are no exception! We encourage students to express themselves through their involvement and take ownership of their involvement experience. Each year, around 25 new student organizations are founded on campus.

Interested in starting an RSO? First, consider a few questions...

    1. Is there a current recognized CNU organization that shares a similar mission or goal? Can your organization work together with the existing student organization?
    2. Are there adequate university resources (space, funding, potential participants, etc) to support the group’s activities?
    3. Are there significant safety risks associated with activities your organization will sponsor?
    4. How will your organization contribute to the common good at CNU? Will it make our community a better place to be?
    5. Is your organization sustainable? Are there students interested in continuing the organization after you graduate?
    6. Would your organization be considered a Sports or Recreational Club? Contact Will Kramer in recreational services at

Still interested? We can help!

To start the New Student Organization (NSO) recognition process, download the New Student Organization Recognition Checklist and email Katie Winstead Reichner (,  Associate Director of Student Activities to arrange a meeting. This is also a great time to register your New Student Organization on The Compass, CNU's online student organization management system.

Your NSO to-do List

    1. Schedule a meeting with Katie in OSA to review the recognition process.
    2. Recruit and invite a faculty or staff member to serve as your advisor (each RSO is required to have an on-campus advisor). Send them a copy of the advisor contract for their signature.
    3. Begin writing your organization's constitution. This is the user manual for your organization.
    4. Schedule an interest meeting and/or compile a list of interested members. A minimum of 10 members is required for recognition.
    5. Register your Organization on The Compass, CNU's online involvement management system.
    6. Is your organization part of a larger, national or regional organization? Contact your national office to ensure you're completing their requirements.
    7. Contact Frank Council, Director of Student Activities to schedule your Finance 101 meeting.
    8. Coordinate with Katie to schedule your New Student Organization Orientation meeting to complete the recognition process.

Required Documents for Recognition

    1. Your Organization Constitution (Constitution Guidelines/Sample Constitution)
    2. A signed Advisor Contract

New Student Organizations must complete all necessary steps for recognition before they will be permitted to hold meetings, events, or elections. The recognition process takes place on a rolling basis, and can begin or end at any point during the year. Groups can complete this process in as little as two weeks, or as long as a semester. If a group goes longer than one semester without completing the recognition process, the group will be considered inactive and will need to begin the process again.

Registered Student Organization Policies and Guidelines

As a CNU student you have the unique opportunity to become involved with a variety of student clubs and organizations. Your involvement in campus involvement opportunities provides you with an opportunity to learn leadership skills, make social connections, foster personal growth and most importantly, have fun!

One of the purposes of the Office of Student Activities is to help your organization meet its goals. And part of that responsibility is to make you aware of University policy and provide support for your organization. The following publications have been created for the purpose of assisting student organization leaders with the guidelines, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities of the University.

  • Student Organization Handbook (Currently under revision, please contact the OSA office.)
  • Travel Policy
    Traveling on behalf of your organization and University may be a requirement of your position in your organization. We will do everything we can to help you have a meaningful and safe trip.
  • Movie / TV Copyright Policy
    Showing of any movies or television programs at CNU must abide by all current copyright laws and the guidelines presented in this document.
  • Bonfire & Campfire Policy
    Guidelines and procedures for proper location and notification for bonfires or campfires on the campus.
All files above are PDF and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Marketing & Promotion Resources

Promoting your events or marketing your organization for recruitment can be a lot of work!  Knowing the proper procedures can make things a lot easier!!

  • Campus Wide Email Request
    Clubs and/or organizations requesting an announcement must be an officially recognized club or organization by the Office of Student Life.
  • Student Union Banner Policy (PDF) - Student Organization Handbook, page 23
    To hang a banner, organizations request space through the Scheduling Office. Space is reserved on a first come, first served basis. Once approved, the organization will bring the banner to the Scheduling Office for hanging.  Requests for banner hanging must be submitted no later than two (2) working days before desired date of posting.
  • Organizational Mailings Policy (PDF)
    Guidelines and regulations to assist all recognized student organizations with mail distribution to their membership.
All PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Financial & Travel Forms and Policies

Record keeping and money management are big part of running a successful club or organization. And don't forget...we are here to help you if you have questions, concerns or just need some help getting your money matters organized.

The Office of Student Activities and the Student Activities Fee Appropriation Committee takes the responsibility of managing student money very seriously. It is our obligation to ensure that student activity fee money is spent responsibly and within the policies of the University and the state and federal laws.

NOTE: To request an account balance and/or print out, submit a routine club transaction, inquire about the status of a submitted transaction, or need general how-to information, please email 

Annual Reports for the Use of Student Fees within the Division of Student Affairs

General Forms

Apply for Small Grant Funding

The Small Grant Fund is available to registered and sponsored organizations in support of events, activities, and student-led programs/initiatives that contribute to the quality of campus life at CNU.


  • Applications are turned in to the Office of Student Activities (DSU 330).
    • When turning in the Small Grant Funding Application packet, you will sign up for a presentation time
  • Small Grant Allocation Meetings are held weekly. The meeting day/time may change without prior notice.
    • Fall 2014 Small Grant Allocation Meetings - Wednesdays, 3-4pm
  • Monday, April 13th - LAST Small Grant Allocation Meeting for Spring 2015

Apply for Conference Funding

The CNU Conference Attendance Support Fund (Conference Fund) is available to any (eligible) student who wants to enhance his/her educational experiences by attending academic, professional and/or organization conferences.

Front End Budget (FEB) Funding

A small number of student organizations will be considered for Front End Budget (FEB) status.  FEB organizations are student organizations whose contributions to the University extend beyond any specific issue/interest and are deemed to have a significant impact on the campus community.

Current Front End Budget Organizations:

    • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
    • Captain's Log
    • Class Councils
    • Multicultural Student Association
    • Student Assembly
    • Student Honor Council

Traveling as a student organization

  • Travel Information -  CNU policy / procedure
  • Travel Policy
    Traveling on behalf of your organization and University may be a requirement of your position in your organization. We will do everything we can to help you have a meaningful and safe trip.
  • Travel Request (PDF)
  • Travel Waiver (PDF)
    Statement of responsibility and assumption of risk for student organizations and conference travelers
  • Travel Reimbursement (MS Excel)
All PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.