"Most people think of leadership as position and therefore don't see themselves as leaders."
- Stephen Covey

Understanding that leadership is about action and not position will empower you to make an impact in your daily interactions. Recognizing the role gender plays in how we lead will enhance the effectiveness of personal leadership.

Applications for Fall 2014 program are no longer being accepted.Men and Leadership

The Men and Leadership Program is a multi-week (8) program that explores key concepts of personal leadership with a focus on how being male impacts the way we relate, communicate and ultimately lead.The Men and Leadership Program will look at how masculinity and the social construct of manhood direct how we naturally interact and engage with others. The program will explore expectations and assumptions associated with men in leadership positions and will focus on determining how one's roles and responsibilities within a community impacts how we demonstrate leadership.

Fall 2014 Program Dates:  Thursdays, 9/18 - 11/6, 3:00 - 4:15PM

The program is open to all students. It is a desire and an expectation that program particpants attend all 8 sessions. Establishing a participant cohort is important to the creation of an active presence within the CNU community.

Program Interest Meetings: 

  • Thursday, 9/11 at 5:00pm in DSU-Madison
  • Friday, 9/12 at 3pm in DSU-Madison

Program Overview

Recognizing that many of our students are in leadership classes as well as taking part in leadership activities, these programs seek to compliment their current experiences and potentially look at leadership from a different viewpoint.  In lieu of being "just another" leadership program, we have placed an emphasis on how this specific program is able to help develop leadership skills and perspectives that will benefit the students in their current AND future campus leaders roles, specifically as Residence Assistants, Residence Hall Council leadership, Crew Leaders/SLAP Facilitators, Student Honor Council members, tutors, athletic team captains and student organization leadership positions.

Program Topics

  • Leading like a Man - What does that look like?
  • Pesonal Branding - Leading with Integrity
  • Emotional Intelligence - Is Your EQ greater than your IQ?
  • Leading Groups - Speaking to Be Heard
  • Living Life with Purpose - The Role of Men in Community

Program Aspects

  • Weekly conversations that include current events
  • Develop a campaign initiative that will advance male leadership on CNU's campus
  • Interactive group activities that promote the practice of group leadership
  • Panel discussion with local community leaders
  • End of program celebration - last session (11/6/14)
  • Program Certificate of Completion

APPLICATIONS for the Fall 2014 program are not longer being accepted.

For additional information, contact the Office of Student Activities by email at osa@cnu.edu or by phone (757) 594-7260.