Members of the Student Assembly Delegation

Thank you for your interest in the Student Assembly. The mission of the Student Assembly is as follows:

“The Christopher Newport University Student Assembly promotes the views, furthers the welfare, and executes the will of the Student Body.”

Delegates are expected to play a crucial role in the life of CNU students and should be prepared to take up the reigns of leadership with great energy and creativity. The delegates will work with Executive Board Members as with administration from the Office of the Deans of Students to many more.

In order to represent the Student Assembly, students must fulfill specific requirements: first, applicants must be in good and Academic and Social good standing, full time, degree-seeking students of Christopher Newport University. Secondly, applicants must be must agree to attend general body meeting held every two weeks (Dates TBD). Participation is important as it allows delegates to remain active and up-to-date, as well as sets a positive example as the leaders on CNU campus. The majority of the work is done outside of formal meetings in weekly committee meetings and in the planning and implementation of events, programs, and projects.

Finally, in additions to the above primary responsibilities of a Student Council Delegates, those selected must also serve on one of the Defined Standing committees listed below. (Note: Committees may be altered by the executive boards as they see fit to best meet the needs of the Class)

Defined Standing Committees:

  • The Appropriations Committee

The purpose of The Appropriations Committee is to:

(a) vet requests for any allocations to be given by the Student Assembly that include, but are not limited to, awards and monies under control of the Student Assembly. All monies should comply with the “Policies of Monetary Allocations” section.

(b) the proposal for allocations shall be presented and approved at a General Meeting by the Delegation.

(c) vet requests for small grants, conference funds, and front-end-budgeted organizations, in conjunction with the Office of Student Activities.



  • Academics Committee

The purpose of The Academics Committee is to:

(a) address academic policy concerns of the student body.

(b) recommend to the Student Assembly appropriate suggestions to be taken to the Administration.

(c) ensure open communication with the CNU Administration by requiring that the chairman of this committee request a meeting once a month with the Provost to advocate the student voice concerning academic matters.



  • Student Life Committee

The purpose of The Student Life Committee is to:

(a) address policy concerns of the student body on Dining Services, Housing Services, Student Activities, Parking Services, and others as needed.

(b) recommend to the Delegation appropriate policy suggestions to be taken to the University Administration.

(c) ensure communication of the Student Body wishes to the respective CNU officials concerning dining, housing, student activities, and parking by requiring that the Chairman of this committee shall request any necessary meetings with administrators to make these policy suggestions heard.



  • Legislative Affairs Committee

The purpose of The Legislative Affairs Committee is to:

(a) address policy concerns of the student body outside of the University with local, Commonwealth, and Federal entities.

(b) recommend to the Student Assembly appropriate policy suggestions.

(c) be a resource for the Assembly for in-house legislation



  • Library Advisory Committee

  • IDEA Committee

  • Transportation and Parking Committee

  • Dining Committee



Statement of intent & signatures must be turned in to the front desk of Office of Student Affairs by 5:00 pm on Friday April 5th, 2013.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the Student Assembly

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