How to start an organization

Got an idea for a new student club or organization? Before making that idea a reality, take a few minutes
and consider the following:

  • Is there a current recognized CNU organization that shares a similar mission or goal? Can your organization work together with the existing student organization?
  • Are there adequate university resources (space, funding, potential participants, etc.) to support the group’s activities?
  • Have you made the effort to determine if any existing programs offer similar services?
  • Are there significant safety risks associated with activities your organization will sponsor?
  • Will CNU benefit significantly from the existence of your organization?
  • Is your organization sustainable? Will it exist after you graduate?
  • Would your organization be considered a sports or recreational club? Contact Joy Kearney ( for more information.

If, after considering all these questions, you know more than ever that creating a new student organization
is what you want to do, then download the Checklist for Starting a New Organization (PDF) and get started
on getting recognized! Don't forget: we are here to help you if you have any questions about the process.

Completed request for recognition packets are accepted on a rolling basis. To request recognition, you'll
need to:

  • Meet with a member of the Office of Student Activities (OSA) staff to talk about your organization. Email to schedule a meeting
  • Attend a new student organization orientation (see Request for Recognition Form below to sign up)
  • Complete the Request for Recognition Form
  • Email the following to
  • Bring the signed adviser contract (Every recognized student organization is required to have a faculty / staff adviser) to the OSA (DSU 330)
  • Make sure your adviser receives and reviews the Student Organization Advisor handbook (Currently under revision. Contact the OSA.)
  • Present to the Student Assembly commission

Your request for recognition packet must be complete in order to be considered. All items do
not have to be turned in together. You have 30 days from the deadline to complete requirements
for recognition. Failure to complete the requirements during that time will result in removal from the
recognition process. You may reapply the following semester.

Financial & Travel

Record keeping and money management are a big part of running a successful club or organization. And
don't forget ... we are here to help you if you have questions, concerns or just need some help getting your
money matters organized.

The Office of Student Activities and the Student Activities Fee Appropriation Committee takes the
responsibility of managing student money very seriously. It is our obligation to ensure that student activity
fee money is spent responsibly and within the policies of the University, and state and federal laws.



Conference Fund

Small Grant Fund

Front-End Budget

  • Front-End Budgeted Info (PDF). A small number of student organizations will be considered for front-end budgeted (FEB) status. FEBs are groups whose contributions to the University extend beyond any specific issue/interest and are deemed to have a significant impact on the campus community generally and the student community specifically.
  • FEB Status (PDF). Any group receiving operational monies must apply for FEB status.
  • FEB Request  (MS Excel)


  • Travel Information - CNU policy / procedure
  • Travel Policy. Traveling on behalf of your organization and University may be a requirement of your position in your organization. We will do everything we can to help you have a meaningful and safe trip.
  • Travel Request (PDF)
  • Travel Waiver (PDF). Statement of responsibility and assumption of risk for student organizations and conference travelers
  • Travel Reimbursement (MS Excel)

*All PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Want to apply for small grants?
  • How do I submit a budget?

  • What are hearings?

    • Hearings are scheduled for all organizations with submitted budgets. You can sign up for a hearing time as soon as you submit your application

  • How do I prepare for a hearing?

    • Make sure to provide the Appropriations Committee with all price quotes of items and why this event is important to the CNU community

    • Print out a copy of the application to bring to the hearing

    • Be as detailed as possible in explaining a line item in your budget. The more information you provide the Appropriations Committee, the more information they can use to help supplement your budget.

  • How does the Appropriations process work?

    • First, the applicant submits an application.

    • After the application is submitted, the entire Appropriations Committee reviews the application and your organization should be able to get the most out of Student Assembly.

    • After the initial review, the Appropriations Committee conducts hearings

    •  After the hearings, a final review is done by the Appropriations Committee

  •  How do I know what is fundable and what isn’t fundable?

    • Click here to look at the guidelines. Use the guidelines when submitting an application

  • What if the event I planned didn’t happen?

    • The money you have been funded will be transferred back to the CNU account

  • Where do I get more information about the reimbursement aspect of it?

    • You can read over the guidelines but if you have specific questions, you can contact Michelle Reed (
    • Please email Eric Seo ( with any questions.