Christopher Newport University utilizes a decentralized support system to provide reasonable accommodations which make education accessible to students with qualified disabilities.

In order to determine needs and provide the best services possible, students must submit documentation (from within the last three years) concerning their disability. Such documentation must be provided in writing from a qualified professional source. It should include the nature of the disability and suggestions for possible accommodations to enhance student access in the programs and activities of the University.

Sufficient documentation includes:

  • Clearly stated diagnosed disability
  • Description of functional limitations resulting from disability
  • Complete educational, developmental and medical history relevant to disability for which accommodations are being requested
  • Tests (instruments) used with scores/subset scores
  • Describes accommodation requested
  • Supports each accommodation request adequately
  • Official letterhead from qualified evaluator

504 plans, IEP's, and Doctor notes are insufficient forms of documentation. Evaluations that created the 504 plan or IEP may be provided if done within the last three years.

Request for Accommodations

All documentation should be turned into the Dean of Students Office located in the David Student Union Room 3127 or by email or fax 757-594-7505.

While CNU does not provide diagnostic testing for students, we can refer students to local evaluation professionals. Students may also seek these tests through their qualified school staff professionals and professionals in their hometown.  Testing and evaluations take time so please plan accordingly.

Evaluation information concerning a student's disability is private. Such information will be provided to instructional or staff members only when they have a legitimate "need to know."

Questions should be addressed to the Office of the Dean of Students, David Student Union, 3127 or by email at or phone 757-594-7160.

The Dean of Students grants reasonable accommodations for students with appropriate documentation. All students are encouraged to seek out additional resources available to them.

Examples of accommodations for students may include;

  • extra time on tests
  • testing in a distracted reduced environment
  • priority seating
  • access to notes

Additional campus resources include;

When should I file my disability?
Students are encouraged to begin this process as soon as possible.  Testing can take some time so it is important to plan accordingly.  Student seeking accommodations for the first time are strongly encouraged to submit their documentation early so they are prepared for the academic year.

What if my testing was not done within the last three years?
Students are not eligible to receive accommodations unless they have the appropriate, current documentation.

What is a de-centralized support system?
There is not one person at CNU responsible for disability support. Several staff help support students through the process.  Students should refer any questions they may have to the Office of the Dean of Students located in the David Student Union or or 757-594-7160.

How do I know what my accommodations are?
Once students have submitted the appropriate documentation, the Dean of Students will review, and grant reasonable accommodations. Students are notified via e-mail to pick up their accommodation letter and disability packet in the Office of the Registrar.

How will my faculty know my accommodations?
Students are provided with an accommodation letter that they give to their faculty to sign. The letter does not disclose the disability but lists what accommodations the student can receive.

Will I need to be tested each year?
Testing must be from within the last three years. Once the student has their disability on file and is receiving accommodations, they no longer need updated tests, unless they choose.  Disability records are kept in the Office of the Dean of Students.