The uniqueness of the academic community requires particular sensitivity to the individual rights of students and the rights of the University community. Rules and regulations are imperative as a basis for the orderly conduct of University activities and for maintaining an environment conducive to study, recreation and personal growth.

Student Handbook 
Regulations are intended to create sound living and learning conditions for all members of the campus community and to promote an atmosphere that encourages personal integrity. This handbook provides you with an outline of policies and an overview of the standards expected of students.
University Handbook 2013-14
The reputation and credibility of an institution of higher education requires the commitment of every member of the community to uphold and to protect its academic and social integrity. As such, all members of the Christopher Newport University community uphold and enforce the rules, regulations and policies contained in this publication.
Residence Life Handbook
Important information you need to know while living on campus, including policies and procedures that govern residential living. Your understanding and respect for these issues are critical to your success as a residential student.
Student Organization Handbook (Currently under revision. Please contact the Office of Student Activities.)
Your involvement in campus activities provides you with an opportunity to learn leadership skills, make social connections, foster personal growth and most importantly, have fun! This handbook, along with the CNU Student Handbook, has been established for the purpose of assisting student organization leaders with the guidelines, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities of the University.

Residence Life - Student Employment

Student Activities

Campus Activities Board - Leadership Positions

  • General board member (February)
    - Join CAB and make a difference at CNU!
  • Committee Chair (January)
    - Apply for a leadership role in CAB.


Residence Life: Crisis Response

Events -  Services

Student Organizations


Conference Fund

Small Grant Fund

Front End Budget

  • Front End Budgeted Info (PDF)
    A small number of student organizations will be considered for Front End Budgeted (FEB) status. FEBs are groups whose contributions to the university extend beyond any specific issue/interest and are deemed to have a significant impact on the campus community generally and the student community specifically.
  • Front End Budget Status (PDF)
    Any group receiving operational monies must apply for Front End Budgeted status.
  • Front End Budget Request (MS Excel)


  • Travel Information -  CNU policy / procedure
  • Travel Policy
    Traveling on behalf of your organization and University may be a requirement of your position in your organization. We will do everything we can to help you have a meaningful and safe trip.
  • Travel Request (PDF)
  • Travel Waiver (PDF)
    Statement of responsibility and assumption of risk for student organizations and conference travelers
  • Travel Reimbursement (MS Excel)
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