Calling all Captains!!!

Welcome Week is part 2 of your Orientation experience at CNU. This week long program provides you with educational and social opportunities. We want you to be successful and will show you the resources we have to do just that! All first-year students are REQUIRED and EXPECTED to attend all Welcome Week activities. 

* Welcome Week is for students only. There are no parent programs during this time.

*Any student that is transferring into CNU will participate in Changing Tides Transfer Orientation Program.




Welcome Week activities and programs are designed to help you transition to academic life and life on campus.  Students are required to attend events in order to help ensure a successful start to their academic career. Attendance will be taken at random so it is important to carry your student ID with you at all times.

Fall NCAA athletes should work with their coaches on what will be expected of them during the week. Marching Band members should work with their band director on what will be expected of them during the week.

Here are some highlights of things you can expect at Welcome Week:

Hall Brawl-work together with your residence hall and learning community to complete challenges across campus while familiarizing yourself with campus and campus resources!  Which hall will be crowned Hall Brawl champ and have bragging rights as the year begins??

Core Advisor Meetings-all students will meet with their core advisor twice during Welcome Week. Once will be in a small group setting with other advisees and then a one- on- one meeting that allows you more personal time to spend planning your semester.

Academic Meeting and Open Houses-all students will meet the Dean of their college in a large group meeting followed with open houses by some departments. This is great chance to meet faculty!

Workshops- study skills, how to plan for your major, what to expect this first year, developing your own emergency plan, what is there to do in Newport News, how to get involved. All of these topics, plus more, will be addressed through interactive workshops. It is important you feel prepared to begin your year and these workshops will help you do just that!

Community of Scholars Convocation-this annual tradition serves as your official welcome from the University Community into our Academic Community of Honor. Professional dress required for this important ceremony!

Club Fair-check-out over 200 clubs and student organizations CNU has to offer. (just don't sign up for all 200!) Giveaways galore!

Evening Events-what would life at college be like without fun things to do?  Join us for some fun evening programs:

  • Shop til you Drop-spend time decorating your new "pad" with your new roommate and suite mates at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Buses will be available for transportation
  • CNU's Got Talent-our own panel of judges will be voting on our new talent champ!  Bring your most creative talents to audition for a chance to perform in front of the entire class of 2018! 
  • Open Rec Night, Drive-In Movie, Game night and much more...