Linda M. Waldron, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Social Work and Anthropology

B.A. Sociology (minor Political Science), Bloomsburg University
M.A. Sociology, Syracuse University
M.A. Radio/Television/Film, Syracuse University
Ph.D. Sociology, Syracuse University

PK-12 Experience:
Staff Counselor, 6th-12th grade, Devereaux School (1994-1996)
Residential Program for At-Risk Girls

Research Interests:

  • Youth Violence and Aggression
  • School Discipline Policies
  • Inequality in Education
  • Representations of Race,Class, Gender in Media
  • Recent work focuses on the benefits and challenges of technology and social media in schools and in the everyday lives of youth

Recent Publications:

  • Waldron, Linda. 2010. “Girls are Worse: Drama Queens, Ghetto Girls, Tomboys and the Meaning of Girl Fights.” Youth and Society, 42: September 10, doi: 10.1177/0044118X10382031.
  • Waldron, Linda. 2009. “Cultural Approaches to Understanding Youth Violence.” Sociology Compass, vol. 3 (4/July), 595-615.
  • Martinez, Doreen and Waldron, Linda. 2006. “My Child Will Have Two Brains, One Maasai, One Educated: Negotiating Traditional Maasai Culture in a Globalized World.” Humanity and Society, v. 30 (4),392-416.
  • Waldron, Linda. 2005. “The Messy Nature of Discipline and Zero Tolerance Policies: Negotiating Safe Schools among Inconsistencies, Structural Constraints and the Complex Lives of Youth.” Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, Vol. 11.
Linda M. Waldron