Upon successful completion of your program, the Office of Teacher Preparation will file for your Virginia teaching license. In order for you to be recommended/eligible for a license, you must:

  • have a grade of at least C- in the student teaching internship
  • have demonstrated through student teaching that you've met the competencies necessary to be a successful teacher
  • have passing scores on the Praxis II, VCLA, and RVE (elementary candidates only) examinations
  • have completed training in reporting child abuse/neglect.
  • have completed the Virginia Civics Module (elementary candidates only)
  • have completed certification in first aid/AED/CPR

All required documents must be on file in the Office of Teacher Preparation no later than May 15th of the year you are completing your program.

These items include the Virginia Teaching Application, official transcripts of all coursework (undergraduate and graduate), official test scores, and a check for $50, payable to Treasurer of Virginia.

For further information on licensure, see the Virginia Department of Education.

If you are seeking licensure for elementary, grades PK-6:
If you are seeking licensure for middle / high school content areas, grades 6-12, or PK-12 areas (Art, Music, ESL, Foreign Language):
  • Biology-biology major
  • Chemistry-chemistry major
  • Computer Science-computer science major
  • English-English major
  • English as a Second Language--any liberal arts or science major (English, Foreign Language, or Psychology preferred)
  • History and Social Science-history or government major
  • Mathematics-math major
  • Music, Choral or Instrumental-choral or instrumental music major( *5-year program only)
  • Physics-physics major
  • Spanish-Spanish major
  • Visual Art-art major