Theater Major

The curriculum for the Theater Major  is divided into two parts: a theater core and a theater concentration.

The theater core is designed to give you a broad understanding of all of the theater components.  The theater concentration allows you to find the one component you are most interested in and explore it in great depth. Together these components reflect the University's liberal learning curriculum and reinforce the importance of the well-rounded, complete education.


  • Acting
    Explore active and dynamic characters through professional training in vocal and physical expression. 
  • Music-Theater / Dance
    Engage in rigorous performance training integrating acting, singing and  dance.
  • Directing / Dramatic Literature
    Learn theatrical story-telling though dramatic analysis, dynamic staging and collaboration.
  • Arts Administration
    Lead the business world into creativity through interdisciplinary study.
  • Design / Technical Theater
    Define the world by composition and leadership of the visual and sensory spectacle.
  • Theater Studies
    Formulate your own path with this highly flexible concentration tailored to you.

Students interested in a major or minor are not required to audition into the program. Our faculty will assess your growth and provide you with annual feedback as you progress through your chosen major.

See the Undergraduate Catalog for all current curriculum requirements.