The TSVI application is provided by Acceptd, the world’s largest online arts network. On their website you will be invited to create a profile.
Once you’ve created your profile you’ll be able to apply to the institute and submit your application and audition files. We accept rising juniors and seniors in high school and college students at the undergraduate level. (College students: You must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time of application to the TSVI.)

Applicants are accepted into the Institute via audio or video audition. Here’s how to apply and submit your audition:

  • Prepare two songs. Your audition must include a classical work in English, Italian, German or French, and a music theater song.

  • Both pieces must use piano accompaniment (no a cappella singing). Please make sure your voice can be heard in the recording.

  • Please submit each selection as a separate file. Do not send one long clip.

  • Begin each recording by clearly stating your name, the date of the recording and the title of your selection.

  • Video or audio files are acceptable. Recording quality will not influence admission decisions.

  • If you have video(s) posted online that meet the audition requirements, insert the URL(s) in the space provided on the application.

  • The total length of your audition (including both files) should be about five to six minutes.

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Note: There will be a $25 application fee.