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Board of Visitors

Executive Committee Proposals

Guaranteed Tuition and Fee Program

The Board of Visitors is considering a guaranteed tuition and fee program for each incoming class for four years. The Board is taking this action for the following reasons:

  • CNU's customers – students and their families – want and need predictability so they can plan and provide for higher education.
  • The governor has called on public colleges and universities to provide financial certainty to students and their families on what the full four-year cost of their education will be.
  • The General Assembly has strongly encouraged public colleges and universities to limit tuition increases to less than 3 percent per year.

If adopted, the average annual increase for students will be 2.5 percent each year. In the first year, tuition and fees will increase by 6.7 percent ($990). Over the following three years, tuition and fees will increase by only 1 percent, or $160 each year.

Christopher Newport will be the first school in Virginia to include the comprehensive fee in the guaranteed plan.

We will make every effort to ensure the affordability of a Christopher Newport education, including setting aside additional financial aid that will offset the tuition increases for those who are Pell-eligible and most in need.

Current students and transfer students may choose participate in the guaranteed tuition and fee program or continue to pay the tuition and fees provided by the six-year plan, which provides for an average increase for tuition and fees for current students of 4.9 percent.

In the future, if the University receives increased operating funds from the commonwealth, we will make every effort to curtail these tuition increases.

Proposed Tuition and Fee Model

The CNU Guarantee sets tuition and fees for each new incoming freshman class of Virginia students and guarantees that their tuition and fees will not increase more than one percent each year for the next three years.

Tuition and fees for 2018-19: $14,754.

Tuition and Fees Guarantee

New Student Cohort First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Fall 2019 $15,744 $15,904 $16,066 $16,228
Fall 2020 $16,814 $16,984 $17,156 $17,330
Fall 2021 $17,968 $18,148 $18,332 $18,518
Fall 2022 $19,216 $19,410 $19,606 $19,804

For more information on this proposal, please see the article CNU proposes guaranteed tuition plan by the Daily Press.

These questions come from our followers on Facebook. Check out the Christopher Newport University page if you have questions or want to see what parents and friends of CNU are saying about the plan.

Does the CNU Guarantee cover out-of-state students?

Yes. Out-of-state freshmen entering CNU in fall 2019 can expect a tuition and fee increase that matches in percentage the increase for Virginia students. The precise dollar amounts will be determined after a final decision by the Board of Visitors.

What is the cost for continuing students?

Sophomore, juniors and seniors have the option of selecting the Guarantee or paying the 4.9 percent annual tuition and fee increase already established in CNU’s six-year plan. Sophomores, especially, should look closely at the advantage of the Guarantee, because the first of their three remaining years would be slightly more expensive, but they would save money in the second and third year with the 1 percent cap.

When and how will 2019-20 sophomores have the opportunity to sign up for the CNU Guarantee?

The Board of Visitors will consider the CNU Guarantee during their November 16, 2018 meeting. If the plan is approved, sign-up details will then be announced.

What about room and board?

The CNU Guarantee is the first pricing predictability program in Virginia to include both tuition and comprehensive fees. Room and board rates are not included in the plan. The room and board fee schedule will be set at the April 2019 meeting of the Board of Visitors. However, changes to that pricing schedule have generally tracked with inflation.

What happens if I am at CNU for more than four years?

The plan guarantees rates for four years. If a student attends Christopher Newport for more than four years, they will be subject to the prevailing tuition and comprehensive fee rate in place at the beginning of their fifth year.

How will this impact transfer students?

Transfer students have the option to participate in the program at the prevailing rates of the year in which they matriculate.

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