Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business

Board of Advisors

The Luter School of Business Board of Advisors comprises local and regional executives and business owners in Virginia. Over the years, the board has served as a strategic sounding board for the school and has actively participated in shaping the direction of the program.

The board has several committees that oversee and provide guidance to the Luter School, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Curriculum and academic standards
  • Student programs
  • Development and public relations


  • Kelly Purdy Meadows

Executive Committee

  • Cassandra Greene
  • Eric Kean
  • Charles Wornom


  • Mary C. Aldrich
  • Jeremy J. Bourne
  • Bryan Caccavale
  • James H. Cale III
  • Doug Davis
  • Ed Desmond
  • David L. DiPersio
  • George H. Ebbs
  • Terry Rice Hinders
  • Nicole Hoadley
  • KC Howell
  • Gilliam Hughes
  • Ann Hunnicutt
  • Dr. Leland Jordan
  • Paul W. Muse
  • Keith Roots
  • Alexis Swann
  • Sylvia Weinstein
  • Keith Windle
  • Joseph R. Witt
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