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Accounting information is a critical decision-making element of virtually every economic entity. Governments, nonprofit organizations and individuals must all rely on accounting information in making decisions. Those with an understanding of accounting are in a unique position to provide valuable assistance to businesses and others making economic decisions. Accountants are found at the highest levels of responsibility in a wide variety of organizations. These include federal, state, and local governments and nonprofit organizations as well as all types of business and industries. Accounting graduates frequently also use their training to enhance non-accounting careers in management, finance and marketing.

The Luter School of Business provides hands-on accounting experience to students through case studies and community outreach projects. Many regional and large public accounting firms, to include all of the “big four” accounting firms, partner with our instructors to prepare students for careers in accounting.

Sample Courses

This course applies concepts of cost and managerial accounting in providing cost data for planning and controlling routine manufacturing, productive and supporting operations. The course emphasizes the relevance of cost concepts to modern decision tools.

Students participate in the Internal Revenue Service’s VITA program, preparing federal income tax returns for low income taxpayers. Students gain experience using professional tax preparation software and applying the income tax law to real-life situations.

This course presents a conceptual approach to auditing principles and procedures in the preparation of auditing reports. Professional standards and ethics are emphasized.

This course requires that students apply the theoretical concepts learned in financial, tax, cost, accounting information systems and auditing courses to analyze case studies. Emphasis will be placed on improving analytical and writing skills, while recognizing the need for professional skepticism.

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