Department of Communication

Health Communication Research Laboratory

Our research takes a communibiological approach to studying communication phenomena. We investigate how human physiology affects how we communicate and how our communication affects our physiology.

As a student research associate you’ll learn how to design and carry out interdisciplinary experiments and work directly with study participants assessing vital signs, collecting samples and performing a host of other important duties.

Current projects:

  • How the exchange of negative messages affects immune system function
  • How restricted communication within organizational contexts can affect cardiovascular health

We focus on non-pharmacological interventions that can help improve interpersonal relationships, reduce the negative effects of conflict, and improve overall physical and mental health.


  • Alice E. Veksler, PhD


Forbes 2079


  • Justin P. Boren, PhD
    Communication Department, Santa Clara University
  • Jen Eden, PhD
    School of Communication and the Arts, Marist College
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