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Department of Organismal and Environmental Biology

Majors and Minors

All biology majors complete three principles of biology courses. These three courses introduce students to the science of life beginning at the molecular level and progressing to organisms and ecosystems, while the accompanying labs provide hands-on experiences that reinforce this learning. After finishing the foundation courses, students in the bachelor of science program select their major area and take upper-level courses that further develop critical-thinking skills and field techniques.

Laboratory work is an integral part of most upper-division courses.

Sample Courses

Study of soil, forest, land, water, air, wildlife and recreational resources; their interrelationships and modifications by humans; steps necessary to use them wisely for present and future generations.

This course explores the clever and sophisticated ways plants have evolved to survive, grow and reproduce. Selected topics include fungi, plant-herbivore interactions, ethnobotany and plant-pollinator interactions. Examples from the primary literature will be used throughout the course to better understand plants and their interactions with other organisms.

This course studies the properties and processes of ecosystems, communities, and populations with consideration given to the influence of humans on each level.

An introduction to the biology of insects. Topics covered include anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, evolution, identification and conservation.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Students in the bachelor of science program complete the three principles courses, then choose a major from the three options below.

  • Environmental biology
  • Organismal biology
  • Integrative biology

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Students in the bachelor of arts program complete the three principle courses, then select their elective coursework more broadly.

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