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Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science

We offer the bachelor of science degree in computer foundations with a major in computer science. Coursework is designed to prepare students in the foundations of computer hardware and software. You can also minor in computer science.

Computer science majors take courses that provide a background in computer engineering, computer science, mathematics and physics. Advanced courses give you additional exposure to data structures, programming languages, operating systems and algorithms.

Sample Courses

Study of encryption algorithms and network security practices. Security issues, threats and attacks. Symmetric ciphers (“secret-key encryption”): classical and contemporary algorithms, standards and applications. Public-key encryption: theoretical background, practical implementations, key- management, hash algorithms. Network security practices: authentication, IP security, electronic mail and web security. System security.

This course is an introduction to the mathematical and computational foundations of artificial intelligence. Its emphasis is on those elements of artificial intelligence that are most useful for practical applications. Topics include heuristic search, problem solving, game playing, knowledge representation, logical inference, planning, reasoning under uncertainty, expert systems, machine learning, and language understanding. Programming assignments are required.

This course covers core concepts of the Android programming platform and its key components using the Android SDK and the Java programming language. Topics discussed include application lifecycle, user interface design, activities and intents, data persistence, networking, messaging, location-based applications, and android services.

Accessible Undergraduate Catalog
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