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Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering

Information Science

We offer a bachelor of science degree in information science. Information managers are often asked to solve complex problems in the business world that require diverse skill sets. This program develops essential skills in business, computer science, economics, mathematics and psychology through:

  • Project management and planning
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems design and implementation
  • Network infrastructure
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Database management

You can also minor in information science.

Sample Courses

Study of TCP/IP network for a UNIX environments and the integration of different types of virtualization and cloud solutions with various operating systems. Routing, domain name servers and sockets are included in network configuration. Once networks are set up, they are configured to serve a purpose through the implementation and administration of information servers such as web and database servers with consideration for functionality and security.

Introduction to information systems profession. Tools and techniques for profiling organizations and analyzing their goals and needs to determine and specify information systems requirements. Practical experience in real-life information systems analysis.

Database (DB) concepts. Relational, hierarchical and network models. Query languages, data sub-languages and schema representations. The DB environments: DB administration, security, dictionaries, integrity, backup and recovery. May be taken as research intensive.

Accessible Undergraduate Catalog
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