Philosophy and Religion - Department of Philosophy and Religion - Christopher Newport University
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Department of Philosophy and Religion

In the Department of Philosophy and Religion, we investigate the big questions: the nature of existence, reality, knowledge, God, ethics and beauty – questions that form the basis of many other disciplines, and that through study, support a more meaningful life.

Building on the historical (e.g., ancient, medieval, modern) and cross-cultural (e.g., Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, secular) foundations of these topics, you’ll learn how to critically interrogate their practical consequences for our communities. Whether through exposing logical fallacies in political discourse, investigating the environmental ethics of global climate change or articulating responses to world religious conflict, we emphasize how philosophy and religious studies matter today.

Our majors consistently score in the top percentiles of standardized tests (e.g., GRE, MCAT, LSAT) for law school, medical school and graduate school. Accordingly, our curriculum develops critical-thinking skills that help our graduates gain access to future opportunities in law school, business school, seminary, graduate school and more. Our emphasis on marketable skills like analytic problem solving and ethical leadership prepare students for an array of vocations in teaching, technology, counseling, government, nonprofit, business and more.

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