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Department of Theater and Dance

Scholarship Auditions

Due to growing popularity, reputation and demand, we now require auditions for admission to the acting and musical theater concentrations. We welcome and encourage audition submissions from aspiring performers of all skill levels, as we believe potential is as important as current skill levels.


In addition to consideration for admission to these concentrations, these auditions and portfolio reviews will also serve as consideration for all available theater scholarships.

Admission into our other concentrations (design / technical theater, directing / dramatic literature, arts administration and theater studies) does not require an audition or interview. However, there are scholarships available in these areas that do require submission of a portfolio (or work examples) and a possible follow-up interview.

Adjusted Process for 2022-23

We welcome audition material in two ways: (1) scheduling an in person appointment on one of our audition days, or (2) submitting self-recorded videos that adhere to industry standards.

The performance faculty will hold virtual Q&A sessions via Zoom on dates to be announced. This will be an opportunity for students and parents to clarify information about the audition process, available scholarships, performance opportunities and other information about our challenging and dynamic programs.

All interested students will either audition in person or submit videos and other documents via SlideRoom, which is an extension of the Common App. Therefore, acting and musical theater applicants, as well as students interested in scholarships in other theater areas, must apply to Christopher Newport University via the Common App and select the appropriate academic areas. If there are questions about navigating and completing the Common App, please contact the Office of Admission. You must upload all audition or portfolio review materials (listed below) at the same time as completing the Common App, so please be prepared.

Review of candidates will begin on February 1, 2023 and continue through February 18, 2023. Although submissions will be accepted after February 18, for full consideration for acceptance and scholarships, we strongly advise meeting these deadlines. Admission to Christopher Newport does not guarantee you a place in the performance program. You will receive a separate notice of that decision.

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