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Neuroscience Program

After Graduation

Neuroscience is an extremely versatile major that can lead to a successful career in a wide range of fields, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, biotechnology and psychology. Upon graduation, many neuroscience majors pursue advanced studies in graduate or professional school, while others choose to enter the workforce immediately, working in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries.

There is great demand for educated people who understand the brain and can apply that understanding to complex situations such as public policy, improving elder care and resolving legal questions. Majoring in neuroscience gives you both a theoretical and practical understanding of the brain, providing a foundation for virtually any career that deals with the mind, brain, body or behavior.

Neuroscience students are also well-prepared for futures in biomedical research and biomedical engineering, pharmacology, behavioral science, nursing, neuropsychology and brain injury, gerontology and aging, and many more.

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