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Neuroscience Program

Majors and Minors

We offer a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience. Neuroscience combines coursework in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology, and you can customize the program to fit your interests by choosing from a wide range of electives.

You’ll also gain valuable research experience in world-class facilities. We’re committed to providing you with both a theoretical understanding and practical sense of neuroscience to help you succeed in any brain-related field.

Sample Courses

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the field of neuroscience and the basic principles of organization and function of the nervous system. An exploration of the neural basis of behavior at the cellular and systems levels will span the following topics: anatomy and development of the brain, cell biology, membrane potential, synaptic transmission, sensory and motor systems, and higher brain function (memory, language, etc.).

This course will cover the basic biological principles and processes involved in neural function, including the common architectural elements and functional processes of neurological systems, from the cellular/molecular to the organ system level. Integrative functions and behavior will be explored as well as developmental facets of neural function, neural plasticity and neuroendocrine functions.

The focus of this course is on the neurobiological basis of memory as viewed from an integrative framework. Coursework will explore mechanisms of memory at cellular and molecular levels, through behavioral and physiological experimental studies, and in neuropsychological case studies. The goal of the course is to understand how the brain can support proper encoding, storage, and retrieval of various types of memories.

This course provides an introduction to the anatomy and function of the human nervous system. Emphasis will be on cellular structure and function, neural development, and gross anatomy and function of the cerebrum, brainstem, cranial nerves, and spinal cord.

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