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President's Leadership Program

Leadership Development

As you learn more, you will begin to explore the practical applications of leadership theory. At the same time, you’ll identify and develop your natural skills to facilitate positive social change.

Your perspective and understanding of the world will expand, as will your ability to see yourself as part of a larger community.

Each year PLP students attend presentations by renowned leaders. By sharing their experiences, these individuals offer key insight into the practical application of leadership theory and the skills and tools of effective leaders. Among others, past speakers have included:

  • Colin Powell, former U.S. secretary of state
  • Antonin Scalia, former U.S. Supreme Court justice
  • Truett Cathy, founder and former CEO, Chick-fil-A
  • Bill and Kathy Magee, founders, Operation Smile
  • Dr. Barbara Kellerman, Harvard University
  • Kenneth Wales, film producer
  • JoAnn Falletta, director, Virginia Symphony Orchestra
  • Mark Warner, U.S. Senator
  • C. Larry Pope, former president and CEO, Smithfield Foods
  • Gary Haugen, president and CEO, International Justice Mission

We believe you become a well-rounded leader through a holistic experience where you explore the world around you. Passport destinations are campus and community events that address societal issues while promoting critical thought and creative reflection.

These events make leadership more relatable to your life and include a range of activities, from workshops to lectures, film discussions and more. Passport Destinations help bring your leadership studies to life.

Leadership program upperclassmen are the stars of our popular Leadership Lunch Series. At these informal events, you’ll share your personal leadership experiences, study abroad memories and cultural perspectives and discuss other leadership-related topics with your peers, faculty and staff.

These discussions provide valuable lessons while inspiring others to seek opportunities to apply learning and leadership beyond Christopher Newport.

In the past, our students have shared about interning on Capitol Hill, completing an immersion trip to the Middle East, serving refugees in Uganda, conducting undergraduate research in New Zealand and much more.

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