Office of the Provost

David Heddle

Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. David Heddle

Heddle works collaboratively with several university offices to provide resources for faculty and students to pursue research opportunities. He also serves as the director of graduate studies, where he oversees four graduate programs in teaching, applied physics and computer science, financial analysis, and environmental science.

Heddle’s responsibilities include sponsored programs, undergraduate research and creative activity, and graduate studies.

Heddle holds a tenured faculty position in the Department of Physics, Computer Science Engineering. He routinely teaches an Honors seminar on the Evolution of Physics and co-teaches (with a colleague in the Math Department) a study abroad course on the development of math and physics in Europe at the time of the French Revolution. His main area of research is in experimental nuclear physics. He is a co-author on more than 100 research articles. He has received over $2 million to support his research endeavors from external sponsors, including the National Science Foundation and the Center for Nuclear Femtography. He holds a PhD, MS and BS in physics from Carnegie Mellon University.

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