Annual Conference

13th Annual Conference on America's Founding Principles and History
Scandal and Impeachment: From the Founding to the Present
October 28 - Gaines Theatre


9   a.m. Alexander Hamilton’s Affair; Steve Knott, Naval War College

10 a.m.

“The Inner World of the Lincolns’ Marriage”

           Michael A. Burlingame, University of Illinois, Springfield

11 a.m.

“The Era of Good Stealings and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson”

           Mark W. Summers, University of Kentucky


Keynote Luncheon -by invitation only-

1  p.m.

"Finding Evidence of Scandals"; 

            Michelle Krowl, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 

            Trevor Plante, National Archives, Washington, DC

2  p.m.

Dr. Joseph Knippenberg, Ogelthorpe University

3  p.m. 

Keynote: “A Formidable Weapon of Faction? The Law and Politics of Impeachment”

               Keith Whittington, Princeton University

 4  p.m.

Student Panel