• September 25
    Annual Constitution Day Debate: Freedom of Speech in Wartime and Peace

  • October 4
    Panel Session: Thucydides on Statesmanship and War

  • October 14
    Teacher Workshop - Virginia’s Legislative Tradition and Arrival of the First Africans

  • October 23
    Annual Conference on America’s Founding Principles and History: Lies, Spies, and the American Way - A History of Treason in America


  • February 10-11
    Symposium on Homeland Security and Defense
    Fifth annual Symposium on Homeland Security and Defense: Enhancing Resilience through Public-Private Partnerships


  • October 22
    Ninth Annual Conference on America's Founding Principles and History:
    Liberal Education and Its Critics >>

  • September 17
    Constitution Day Debate - Title IX and the Constitution


  • October 8-9 
    The Future of Religion in America: Eighth Annual Conference on America's Founding Principles and History
  • September 15 
    Filling in the Gaps: is Executive Prerogative Constitutional? 2014 Constitution Day Debate
  • July 17-18
    The Intellectual Origins of the American Revolution: Teaching Workshop
  • March 20
    Tocqueville's America: a lecture by Aristide Tessitore, Furman University
  • February 21 
    The Character and Statesmanship of George Washington: Teaching Workshop
  • February 5-6 
    Facing the Future of Cybersecurity: Annual Workshop on Intelligence and National Security