The Wason Center for Public Policy was established in 2007 to provide unbiased and non-partisan scientific research both about important public policy issues facing Virginia and about citizens' views on those issues. Without such information, Virginia’s elected leaders face increasingly difficult decisions with little guidance and feedback from the citizens they represent. The premise of the Center's work is that dialogue between the public and policy makers on important policy issues facing the Commonwealth is fundamental to the development of good public policy.

The Wason Center’s activities focus in two areas.

  • The Center conducts statewide and regional scientific polls focusing on matters of policy and politics. Scientific polls are one measure of the public's preferences on policy choices. They also advance the public's voice on policy formation and enable citizens to evaluate government and elected officials.

  • The Center hosts community forums at CNU on topics of relevance to public policy in Virginia.

Center Leadership

Survey Research Lab Management

  • Lab Manager, Rachel Barranco, Senior: Communication major
  • Lab Supervisor, Darius Hurtt, Junior: Accounting major
  • Lab Supervisor, Shelbi Pullen, Junior: Biology major
  • Lab Supervisor, Alyssa Thibodeau, Senior: Political Science major
  • Lab Supervisor, Rachel Willinger, Senior: Marketing major