February Statewide

Feb. 2 - Report (Gillespie, Northam lead party races for governor; voters back ACA repeal, bathroom bill, pot reform)

March Statewide

March 29 - Report (2017 gubernatorial race)

March 28 - Report (2017 Democratic and Republican gubernatorial primary races)

April Statewide

April 5 - Report (2017 views on environmental policy among Virginia voters)

April Statewide Survey

April 7 - Report (Trump-Clinton horse race, voter defection, Republican convention)

February Statewide Surveys

Feb 18 - Report (Word association in word clouds of Democratic and Republican candidates for president)

Feb 16 - Report (Republican and Democratic March 1 primary horse race, favorability ratings)

Feb 11 - Report (Medicaid expansion, redistricting, gun control, religious freedom, LGBT, restoration of rights, ethics reform, 2017 candidates)

Virginia Millennials Come of Age (January)

Jan 4 - Report (Millennials, quality of life, news and information sources, civic and political behavior)

October Statewide Survey

Oct. 12 Report and Toplines (2016 candidate favorability, 2016 horse race, 2016 Republican primary, 2016 Democratic primary)

September Statewide Survey

Sept. 24 Report and Toplines (November General Assembly ballot test, redistricting, gun control, minimum wage, payday lending regulation, education, economy, traffic congestion, healthcare, federal spending)

Commonwealth of Contrasts - A Political Typology Report (July)

July 3- Report (2016 presidential election, Virginia voter profile)

April Statewide Survey

April 27 Report and Toplines (2016 candidate favorability, 2016 horse race, 2016 Republican primary, 2016 Democratic primary)

March Statewide Survey

March 27 Crosstabs (K-12 Education)

February Statewide Survey

Feb. 12 Report and Toplines (2016 candidate favorability, 2016 horse race, 2016 Republican primary, 2016 Democratic primary)

January Statewide Survey

Jan. 27 Report and Toplines (Ethics reform, Redistricting, McDonnell sentence, Budget cuts, Campus sexual assault reporting, Term limits, Marijuana legalization, Minimum wage, General obligation bond)

October Statewide Surveys

Oct. 31 Report and Toplines (Warner-Gillespie horse race)

Oct. 23 Report and Toplines (Millennial voters)

Oct. 7 Report and Toplines (Warner-Gillespie horse race, top issues)

September Statewide Surveys

Sept. 26 Report and Toplines (Strike on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Islamic extremism, Ukraine situation, Ebola virus epidemic)

Sept. 19 Report and Toplines (Redskins name controversy)

Sept.17 Report and Toplines (Special session on Medicaid; McAuliffe's "Healthy Virginia")

Sept. 10 Report and Toplines (Warner-Gillespie horse race, direction of state/country, job approval McAuliffe/Obama/Congress)

Sept. 9 Report and Toplines (McDonnell verdict, ethics reform)

April Statewide Survey

April 24 Report and Toplines (Medicaid expansion, state budget, government shutdown)

February Statewide Survey

Mar. 3 Report and Toplines (Topics: 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries in Virginia)

January Statewide Survey

Jan. 23  Report (Topics: U.S. Senate horse race; McDonnell approval)

Feb. 3 ReportFull Toplines, and Presentation (Topics: McAuliffe approval, Medicaid expansion, ethics reform, redistricting, economic development, two-term governor)

November 1 Statewide Election Survey (Topics: Horse race)

Nov. 1 Report and Toplines

October 15-16, 2013 Statewide Election Survey
(Topics: Horse race, views on federal government shutdown, views on election policy debate)

Oct. 15 Report and Toplines

Oct. 16 Report and Toplines

October 8-9, 2013 Statewide Election Survey
(Topics: Horse race, views on tone and tenure of the 2013 election, ethics of politicians, and issues)

Oct. 8 Report and Toplines

Oct. 9 Report and Toplines

September 5-6, 2013 Richmond Metro Survey
(Topics: The Diamond baseball stadium, Richmond Coliseum, Redskins training camp)


Story in Oct. 5 Richmond Times-Dispatch

Story in Oct. 6 Richmond Times-Dispatch

January 23-24, 2013 Statewide Survey
(Topics: 2013 Governor's Election, Transportation, School Safety, Gun Control, Marijuana Legalization, Texting While Driving)

January 23 Report

January 24 Report

February 2012 Statewide Survey
(Topics: Republican Presidential Primary, Presidential Election, U.S. Senate Election, General Assembly)


February 19 Report

February 20 Report

April 2012 Hampton Roads Regional Survey
(Topics: Transportation Tolls)

April 15 Report

Civility in Politics

May 2012 Report