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Financial Aid

Scholarship opportunities come from a variety of sources. It is important to do your research early to understand the types of scholarships available, the steps for applying, and the deadlines associated with each opportunity.

Generally, scholarships are reserved for students with special qualifications such as academic or artistic talent. Awards are also available to students who are interested in a particular field of study, who are members of underrepresented groups, who live in certain areas of the country, or who demonstrate financial need.

CNU scholarships awarded on the basis of academic achievement are predominantly awarded by the Office of Admission as part of the new freshman application and admission process, while others are awarded by academic departments.

CNU has a limited number of need based scholarships established by private donors or outside agencies. In order to be considered for need based scholarships, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadline of March 1, and be sure to add our school code: 003706 to your application.

Note: CNU does not offer any athletic scholarships as a NCAA Division III School. Students should not rely on institutional scholarships alone. It is very important to research and apply for various private scholarships as institutional funding is limited and the awards are very competitive.

Private scholarships are an important resource in helping with the cost of higher education. Deadlines and application procedures may vary. While applying for private scholarships can be a research process and require hard work, the outcome is typically well worth the time invested.

Searching for a Scholarship

The earlier you start this process, the better your chances of succeeding. Successful candidates begin the application process as early as the freshman year of high school by formulating a competitive strategy. High School Guidance Counselors are typically the BEST resource for private scholarship information.

Start locally and then go national. Local churches, employers, credit unions, and civic organizations offer several scholarship opportunities. Organizations love to recognize members of their own community with scholarship awards. Since these awards typically have a smaller application pool, they are often less competitive than national scholarships.

The Internet can be a great resource for researching scholarship opportunities; however, you must know the warning signs to avoid potential scholarship scams. It is best to search websites that have web addresses ending in .org or .edu. While there are many legitimate .com sites, keep in mind that anyone has the ability to create one. All scholarships – whether awarded by CNU or an outside office – must be included as a resource when considering your eligibility for financial aid. In some cases, being awarded a scholarship will cause your eligibility for need based financial aid to change. If this happens, CNU makes every effort to reduce loans and work study before reducing grants.

Donor Funded Scholarships

CNU has a limited number of scholarships established by private donors or by outside agencies. The availability of scholarships is dependent upon the continued participation by the private donors and agencies and the earnings of the endowed scholarship funds investments.

All students who are accepted to CNU are considered for available scholarships based on the criteria set by the donor. If an additional scholarship application is required, all qualified candidates will be notified by the scholarship committee.

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