At Christopher Newport University we want our students to succeed and prosper, but we value far more a life focused on something greater. Leading a life of significance means making a difference in the lives of others.

It means striving for excellence and honor, respecting and valuing one another. Significance is leadership and good citizenship, a devotion to beliefs and causes much larger than we are. Christopher Newport transforms students by awakening in them a desire to lead such a life. Our students are empowered by the realization that not only can they make a positive difference in the world, but they are obligated to do so.

We teach that success comes with great responsibility. From the beginning, we ask students to be mindful that their decisions and actions affect the people, community and world around them. As they grow at CNU we expect them to faithfully apply what they learn in the classroom for the greater good. We challenge them to ask:

How can I be part of the solution?
How can I lead?
How can I serve?

Respect and compassion are central to the CNU experience. Our students learn to reach out and help, rather than turn and walk away. It is not easy to live this way, but it is the right way to live. It’s often not how the world operates, but how it should.

With these values our students become good leaders and citizens who lead purposeful lives. At moments of consequence they are prepared to do the work that shapes, defines and enriches the world.

This is what we value at CNU.
This is how we define significance.