In order to adhere to state requirements and CDC guidance for responding to the COVID–19 pandemic, all residential students must follow the following move-in guidelines and procedures:

  • De-densification of the campus and residence halls necessitates that we assign freshmen a date and time of arrival on campus over a three-day period. Returning students will be required to register in advance for specific dates and times to occupy their room.
  • Residents must arrive at their designated move-in time in order to limit the number of people inside the residence halls. Due to physical distancing needs, we will be unable to accommodate early or late arrivals or changes to the schedule.
  • To speed up the unloading process, residents should pack lightly and efficiently, focusing on essentials. Consolidate items into bins and boxes so the vehicle can be unloaded in minimal trips. Residents should not bring additional furniture such as futons, sofas, chairs, etc.
  • Residents must unload in the assigned time frame and move their vehicle from the unloading area as soon as all belongings have been removed.
  • In order to maintain physical distancing, access to the residence halls will be limited. Residents may use no more than two helpers to assist with vehicle unloading; items should be quickly dropped in the room. After the assigned time block, only the resident will be permitted back into the room to unpack and arrange the space.
  • All residents and helpers are required to participate in a verbal health screening upon arrival.
  • Anyone entering the residence halls must wear a face covering.
  • Residents should bring personal disinfecting and cleaning supplies and protective equipment.
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