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Living on Campus

Residency Requirement

Christopher Newport University undergraduates are expected to live on campus as doing so enhances their opportunities for academic success and engagement with the university community. 

Christopher Newport guarantees university housing for all incoming freshmen for three years. Transfer students are eligible for university housing. Transfer students securing a space will be guaranteed university housing through the completion of their junior year.

Students may request an exemption from this requirement for one of the reasons listed below by submitting the request for residency exemption form and all required documentation. Forms must be submitted prior to submission of the housing contract for the academic year. Once a housing contract has been signed, exemptions may not be granted.

  • Location: Student will live with a relative within the approved distance to commute to campus (approximately 25 miles)
  • Financial reasons: Student has exhausted all financial resources and residing off-campus will enable them to continue their enrollment at Christopher Newport
  • Medical reasons: Student has a diagnosed medical condition (qualified under ADA guidelines) which affects their ability to successfully reside in University Housing AND no alternative reasonable accommodations can be made by the University to meet the medical need
  • Other: Student has unique life circumstances (e.g. non-traditional college age, marriage, documented religious considerations, etc.)
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