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Life as a Captain
Eddie Sonnie

The Second Biggest Class I've Ever Had...

by Eddie Sonnie

Friday, October 11, 2019


Last semester when I was registering for classes, I knew that eventually I would have to take a math class. In addition to me being plain bad at math, I knew that our math classes were a little bigger than our normal, which is under 20. I was nervous that being in such a big class would result in my professor not knowing me and I thought that I would feel isolated from class. 

I went to class on day one, and was thinking, “OK, I just have to get through it. It’s only 50 minutes.” I walked in and realized that I really psyched myself out. There were around 40 people in the room. It really wasn’t that bad. Our professor acknowledged that since this class is a bit bigger than most at Christopher Newport, he will need a bit more time to remember names, but he assured us that he wanted to get to know us. 

Needless to say, I love this class. The material is really fun, I actually missed doing math problems a lot. I do a lot of reading for my classes, so it's nice to just be able to do some quick math problems and say “Hey, I’m done with my homework!” My professor is also a really great guy, and within three weeks he had pretty much all of our names memorized. 

I have no clue why I thought having a “big class” here would be any different than my other classes. Even our larger classes are still way smaller than those at a lot of other schools. I love all my classes here, and all our professors are so great at what they do. It makes me really grateful to be a Captain.

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