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Life as a Captain
Travis Rocha


by Travis Rocha

Monday, November 25, 2019

Student Life

Friendsgiving is a real thing and it happens all the time at Christopher Newport. Our campus community is a home away from home for all of us Captains which is great, but, unfortunately, that means when we go home to our families over Thanksgiving break, we can’t bring our friends with us. Thankfully, there are plenty of friendsgiving festivities to be had beforehand. If you’ve never heard of it before, friendsgiving is the exact same as Thanksgiving … except it’s typically in a small apartment with five of your closest friends and most of the food is store-bought with minimal preparation. (Don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s any less good, though!)

For as often as I see my friends, we definitely don’t sit down and have a meal together that we prepared ourselves very often. Sure, we grab dinner at the dining halls all the time, but getting together with one another and having everyone pitch in for a big friendsgiving feast is something much more special. My Instagram has been flooded with everyone’s own friendsgiving posts and I love seeing all the wholesome captions.

As our semester winds down, it’s nice to see that people are still finding time to enjoy their free time as opposed to being bombarded with final projects and exams to study for. In what I think is true friendsgiving fashion, my friends and I all brought in a couple of dishes to enjoy, but we finished the meal with McFlurries, and I don’t think there’s a better dessert after a nice, big meal.

As we all wait in anticipation for actual Thanksgiving, friendsgiving is the perfect event to tide you over until then. I had an absolute blast with my friends and I know everyone else did as well. I feel so thankful to be a Captain at Christopher Newport and share these experiences with my fellow students!

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