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Life as a Captain
Travis Rocha

Thanksgiving With My Professor

by Travis Rocha

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Academics, Student Life

Thanksgiving recently passed and I was not able to visit my parents in Germany for the week-long break this time around. However, I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving at my professor’s house instead. Throughout the course of the year, he had mentioned that his house was open if I or anyone else wanted to spend Thanksgiving at his house. I had no idea that I’d actually end up going!

My professor was also my core adviser for my first two years so I had known him for awhile. Your core adviser is someone you meet with a few times a year to ensure that you are on track for success. They help you plan your schedule, decide on a major and basically answer any questions you could have. This semester was the first time I actually had a class with him and it was Communication & Philosophy, which is a writing intensive course. It’s one of the most difficult and feared courses in the communications major, but I am very happy to say that the semester is almost over and the class is just about finished.

Even though it was a difficult class, the class periods were entirely discussion-based, which meant all of the students were able to develop a close rapport with one another as well as with our professor. This relationship is what enabled us to enjoy Thanksgiving together. At Christopher Newport, because of our small class size, you really do have the opportunity to get to know your professors and enjoy class with them.

There’s an active interest among Captains to develop meaningful connections that will last well beyond our college years. As I talked with my professor during our meal, he told me all about other students who he had at Thanksgiving during years prior and how great of a time it always is to share that time outside of the classroom. I’m feeling especially thankful to be a part of the Christopher Newport community!

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