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Life as a Captain
Eddie Sonnie

Different Classes, Same Professor

by Eddie Sonnie

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


So last semester I had the opportunity to develop a really close relationship with one of my communication professors, Dr. Steiner, as we had two back-to-back classes together. I was so happy with the experiences that I got in those classes that I decided to do the same thing this semester, just with a different professor. This semester, I am taking COMM 341: Rhetoric of Social Movements, and COMM 433: Rhetorical Theory with Dr. Joe Sery. And I have a good feeling about this semester.

Dr. Sery is a great guy; he seems really understanding and willing to help, which I really appreciate. He does most class-related things online, which is nice because it’s more sustainable for the environment (and my print funds), plus he’s always cracking jokes. We have already had some really in depth, introspective conversations.

Our second class together is in the Ferguson Center, and afterwards we both walk together back to the main campus and talk about some of the stuff from class. My favorite part, we talk about the inner workings of communication, which I really love. We are both nerds for rhetoric, so conversations with him are always a blast.

I was really nervous to take two classes with a professor I had never met, but I am so excited and glad that I did after meeting Dr. Sery. He says he’s a tough grader, but I think that will make my high points in class that much better. In addition, since we have two classes together, I feel more motivated than ever to be high-achieving all around. So here’s to a challenging, but rewarding semester!

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