LifeLong Learning Society

Virtual Open House

We know we are an important lifeline for hundreds of people in this community. We are honored that you rely on us to fuel your intellectual curiosity and foster cherished friendships. We are proud to be part of your lives, and promise to continue bringing you the programs and social connections that make life better – all the time. Challenging times just invite us to be more creative about how we do it. And you have our word that your safety will always come first. We look forward to welcoming you as we explore the "new normal" together.

All LifeLong Learning classes will be held online.

Online learning will be offered through a free and user-friendly computer program. We will provide free training for this program for all of our members so that everyone can access our classes with ease and confidence.

Contact the LLS Office at (757) 269-4368 for more information.

Christopher Newport’s LifeLong Learning Society (LLS) is a membership organization dedicated to people of retirement age who seek opportunities for learning in an environment of sharing and fellowship. There are no requirements as to previous educational experience – intellectual curiosity is the only admission requirement.

Managed by and for its members, LLS is sponsored by the Office of University Advancement and is an affiliate of the Elderhostel Institute Network. Through a variety of activities, including lectures, courses, study and discussion groups, lunches, dinners, and field trips, people from diverse backgrounds come together to share a common interest in learning.

If you like being challenged by new ideas in the company of other eager learners, we welcome you to join.

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