Vachris Co-Authors Book Tying Together Economics, Literature

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Economics Professor Dr. Michelle Vachris co-wrote Pride and Profit, a text describing the links between British writer Jane Austen’s work and that of economist Adam Smith, both of whom revealed much about culture and everyday life during the Enlightenment and industrial revolution in England during the 18th and 19th centuries.

“With insight, wit, and sound judgment, Bohanon and Vachris not only show us the perhaps surprising degree to which Austen and Smith complement and enrich each other, but they also enhance and deepen our own understanding of human sociality,” writes reviewer James R. Otteson of Wake Forest University. “Perhaps we could not have known just how much a book like this needed writing, but now that Pride and Profit is here one has to wonder whether we truly understood Austen, Smith, or human sociality before.”

Vachris specializes in international economics and industrial organization. She earned a PhD from George Mason University.

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