Filetti Wins Annual College English Association Prize

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Dr. Jean Filetti, Professor and Chair of the English Department has won the Robert A. Miller Memorial Prize for best article published by the College English Association in its journal CEA Critic. The CEA is a professional society of English teachers in higher education.

Filetti’s piece analyzes author Myra Kelly’s short story collections Little Citizens and Wards of Liberty, and exposes the damaging role New York’s Board of Health and Board of Education and the staff and teachers who cooperated with and enforced these institutions’ policies and programs, had on the children of Jewish immigrants in public schools.

Critic editor Jeri Kraver notes, “in reading Kelly’s various accounts of the immigrant children in turn-of-the-century New York City public schools, Filetti [shows] … a system that perpetuated “a hierarchical system that … marginalized Jewish immigrants.”

Filetti specializes in American literature and professional writing. She holds a PhD from the University of Toledo.

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